One mistake that a lot of anglers make is assuming that they need to hang up their rod when it starts to rain, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Obviously, it’s not the most ideal time to fish and you want to beware of thunder and lightning but fishing in the rain brings about a unique set of advantages. 

In this quick guide, we’re going through some of my top bass fishing in the rain tips so next time you can plan a trip about the rainstorm rather than avoiding it. 

1. Go for the Runoff 

Runoff is an interesting thing because it brings a lot of nutrients and vitamins into the water. When it rains, the surface runoff draws out the soil, and with that comes an assortment of things that the bass want. Not only does it bring food into the water but it also brings oxygen and minerals. 

Bass will hang around wherever there is surface runoff because they want all of these elements and this is where you come in and take advantage of the situation. Now you have a direct tell as to where the bass will be when it’s raining. Look for overhanging ground where it has eroded beneath. Chances are the bass will be hanging out there. 

Best of all, the runoff will cloud up the water which will make it easier to disguise yourself so they won’t get spooked by the boat or motor. 

There’s another benefit here as well. Since it’s raining and you have an overcast sky, there are no shadows which will allow the bass to feel even more comfortable with the situation which could increase the chances of them taking your lure.

2. Bass Are Actually More Active