Bass Fishing with Artificial Baits :

Bass fishing is a popular sport fishing activity all over the world. Each year, thousands of bass are caught and released. Although people no longer use the archaic wooden stick attached with a string and bait on its end, bass fishing techniques remain the same. The only difference is improvement in fishing equipment including bait. The best bass fishers are those who catch trophy-worthy specimens, and the success of every bass fishing expedition can boil down to one main factor – the right kind of lure or bait.

Today, the most common way of catching bass is with the help of artificial bait. This hooked item is designed to mimic a bass’ natural prey to lure in the fish. There a plethora of artificial lures being sold today, which can be purchased from local bait or fishing shops. Common types of artificial lures for bass include Soft-Plastic, Jig and Pig, Spinnerbaits and Crankbaits, and Topwaters.

Each angler has his or her own set of ideas of the perfect artificial bait. With modern technology and innovations in fishing equipments, there is an array of artificial baits to choose from. Some artificial baits are designed to catch the attention of a bass through sight while others, through sound by generating vibration in the water.

Use personal discretion when choosing artificial lures. With experience, you would naturally develop a preference for particular artificial bait which you perceive as the best that will catch the most bass. Should you have not developed such preference yet, keep a good assortment of artificial lures on hand to help you find out what types of baits would do well for your fishing style. The more you spend time bass fishing, the better you will be at choosing the perfect artificial bait.