What is the Reason Behind Fish Rain?

In the past, many things have fallen from the sky, pieces of space debris, frozen waste from planes, and even live animals. Yes, that’s right, live animals. While most of the animals that fall from the sky are dead or at the very least dying, there have been some cases of live animals falling from the sky and repeated occasions. There are reports, as recent as 2016, of large catfish falling from the sky and other reports of fish rain.

Why Do Fish Fall From the Sky?

This is not something that happens all that often. Though the expression “raining cats and dogs” is quite common, the likelihood of a fish, even a catfish falling from the sky in any capacity and hitting you is incredibly low. Low, but that does not mean that it cannot happen. There have been numerous reports of catfish and other fish falling from the sky onto people and each has its own unique story. In 2016 a woman claims a catfish fell from the sky and hit her, in 2017 a family claims that a catfish fell from the sky and landed in their family pool, and in 2019 a woman claims that a catfish fell from the sky and landed on her car, smashing her windshield.

So what’s really happening? Are fishes figuring out how to fly only to fall on people as they pass? Are catfish materializing in the sky then falling on passerby? The more likely answer is simpler than you might imagine. In most cases, those people that are reporting falling fish live in areas where large birds, mainly those that feed on fish, are known to live and hunt. The woman that was injured by the catfish in 2016 lived in Florida where herons and pelicans are common. The family that had the catfish in the pool lived in Florida as well. Lastly, the woman that had the catfish land on her windshield lived in North Carolina, a coastal state that does have large fish-eating birds.


Can Other Animals Be Rained Down?

Scientists believe that the most likely story is that these birds have eaten a catfish whole. Some other large fish and are then startled into flight before the fish can begin to digest. When the bird takes flight it upsets their stomachs, as they fly. The fish that they just scarfed down whole is regurgitated and lands wherever it might land. This means that it is going to fall on whatever hapless person happens to be under it when the bird is forced to expel its stomach contents.

Fish falling from the belly of a bird flying over is not the only occasion in which animals can rain down from the sky. In coastal areas where large water bodies are nearby, “animal rain” is somewhat more common and more likely to occur. Animal rain is a phenomenon that occurs when small water animals. Like frogs, crabs, and small fishes are swept up in waterspouts or drafts that occur on the surface of the earth. Are then rained down at the same time as the rain.

For this to happen, the weather event has to be very strong and very fast. Waterspouts can spin at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. They can pick up small objects with relative ease. In most cases, animal rain involves aquatic or semi-aquatic animals. Commonly found near water sources where waterspouts and updrafts are common. Though this is the most common, there have been other cases of mysterious things falling from the sky too.

Believe it or Not

One interesting case happened in 1876. What people thought was a gift from the heavens turned out to be rotting meat from vultures. Either dropping it or regurgitating it as they took flight.

The most famous and mysterious modern-day fish rain phenomenon is the legend of llu1via de pesces. Every year in May or June, small silver fishes rain from the sky. Though there are many scientific reasons behind this phenomenon, many residents believe it’s a miracle of God as this is the only time they get to eat fresh seafood.

Long story short, all sorts of weird things can fall from the sky. The weather is capable of creating some truly fascinating and mysterious phenomena. Birds may drop fish on you if they are startled when they take off after a large meal.

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