December Inshore Fishing Experience

December is a great month to enjoy the outdoors here in Florida. This is the month that starts and brings on cooler weather. When this occurs, it is the perfect opportunity to get out in the outdoors. Miami, FL is the perfect destination to do so. Bring your family, friends, or loved ones along for a fishing adventure of a lifetime while December Inshore Fishing.

Our local experts spend a lot of time preparing for the holiday season. Many are getting ready for their family and yours to come to experience what Miami, FL is all about. While they are down here, fishing is always at the top of the list of things to do. Inshore fishing has been especially productive for a wide variety of species.

Miami is a beautiful location to fish along the shoreline. Get out on the water and cruise down the coast while landing numbers of fish. Different techniques and methods will allow you to catch the fish you are after. Miami is another perfect place to introduce your family to excellent inshore fishing.

Captain Brian Leibowitz is our local inshore fishing expert in Miami. Jennifer and Steve were traveling from Apopka, FL to get into some nice fish. They just wanted to get out on the water and set the hook while enjoying each other’s company. Originally, they were from Pittsburgh but recently moved down to this incredible state to dodge the cold winters.

While fishing with Captain Brian, they got to experience catching a variety of species. Jennifer and Steve caught over 30 fish. Most of the catches came from mangrove snapper, triggerfish, and grunts. One of the best catches of the day came from a red grouper. While you are fishing in Miami, FL you can also catch sharks, mutton snapper and Spanish mackerel. Spanish Mackerel are incredibly fun to catch and experience.

Styles of fishing vary depending on the target species and time of year. Most of the fishing in December is going to be close to structure such as bridges. These will retain heat and allow the bottom fish to feed. If you focus on these areas, they will produce the best bite for you.

Many travelers and anglers come to Florida to catch Snook and Tarpon. December is not the strongest month for this but you most certainly can land one. They are harder to target as they become quite elusive. Don’t allow this to alter your outdoor experience as there is plenty of species to catch waiting on your desired bite.

Don’t miss out on the fishing here in Miami, FL. December inshore fishing will provide great opportunities to relax and enjoy a day on the water. You can catch a variety of species that the family would love to set the hook on. Bring your family, friends or loved ones along on a fishing adventure of a lifetime here in Miami. You will not regret it.

Florida Fishing is the PERFECT gift this holiday. Get your fishing fanatic hooked up TODAY!!

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting Florida.

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