There are several types of stand hunts available to anyone who is interested in hunting for deer in Florida. Deciding on the best type of stand hunt to hunt deer depends on the circumstances you find yourself in.

Heavily wooded areas, for example, would do well with a Ground Blind Stand. However, if you want to have a cleared view of the surrounding area, you could go for a Climbing hunt or a Tree Hunt.

To get a better look into what the different kinds of hunts can do for you and which one is the best option for your area, read on.

The first thing you have to do though is to look for an area known as a great place for hunting Florida deer. Look for places that have a high concentration of accords, briar thickets, and other items that deer often feed on or bed in. Once you have spot an ideal area, survey it and find out what kind of stand works best for it.

There are a lot of stands you can choose from, some of the more common ones are tree stand hunts and ground blind hunts.

A tree hunt includes an elevated hunt that is usually camouflaged among the trees. This gives you a great viewpoint and a wider shoot range. You can also choose to have a ground blind stand. This often involves a camouflaged tent. If more direct and short ranged shots are what you want, then this is the ideal stand hunt for you.