Fishing Capital of the World

Fishing is a beloved sport around the world simply because of its easy access to everyone. Thankfully, fishing is not something that requires a ton of physical prowess. It is fun and can be done nearly anywhere. Fishing is also a great pastime that gets you out and about and into the great outdoors. Florida is considered to be the fishing capital of the world, let’s discuss the reasons here.

Bodies of Water

Florida is a panhandle, which means it is fully surrounded by water from three sides. It is surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, through an inlet. These two major water bodies provide the coast of Florida with a unique makeup. And makes fishing off the coast and taking fishing charters in the state an exceptionally fun and interesting activity.

The fantastic nature of Florida is not limited to it though. It also has tons of lakes, ponds, rivers, and other inlets from the ocean and works. These are enough to make Florida a state that is practically overrun with waterways and with ways that you can fish.


Everyone loves to be outside when the weather is nice. Florida has a temperate climate, and it never gets particularly cold. It means that even if you visit in the dead of winter. You are still likely to be able to enjoy outside without being freezing. Seldom does the temperature in Florida dip below freezing.

It is also particularly sunny most of the time, save for hurricane season or when there is a great deal of rain. With weather that is mild and rather constant, Florida is a great place no matter the time of the year.

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Extensive Fish Species

Not only is the weather great, but there are plenty of waterways here. But Florida is also home to tons of different fish and different species. Florida is home to literally so many different types of fishes that you can fish from the shore, from the lakes and rivers, and even on fishing charters that you can take out off the coast. There are red drums, sailfish, sea trout, grouper, snapper panfish, and so many more.

With thousands of different fish species in Florida, you can fish all year round and make your trip something special. You’ll find tons of fish from all over the world that come to Florida and native fish species to make a great time fishing and enjoying what you might catch when you go out to sea.

When to Visit

Florida is a tourist destination for tons of different reasons, so you must time your trip accordingly. The best time of year to visit the sunshine state is during the spring months of April-May or during the fall months of October or November. During both spring and fall, the rainfall in the area is down, and the humidity is down as well. Florida gets very hot during the summer months, so if you are looking