Why Orlando Has Been Famous for Fishing for Years

Orlando is a famous fishing location due to its proximity to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. It also has its freshwater reservoirs ideal for catching the many species of fish that are indigenous to Florida.

In the city’s urban area of Orlando, there are 60,000 acres of fishing. There are also many sight fishing areas and wetlands within a reasonably close driving distance, meaning that there are unlimited fishing adventures and in the Central Florida area.

It is close to the only year-round redfish fishing area, as well as opportunities to catch many other different types of fish year-round. There are many tournaments and events to give sportsmen a chance to practice their skills and meet like-minded people.

Visitors will find plenty of bait shops and stores, with local guides and fishermen who will tell you all of their favorite spots, fish species, all the food, and legendary catches. You should also keep in mind that going on to some of those spots, you may need fishing permits. Florida fishing culture is part of the area’s identity, with many delicious seafood options you can benefit from that are caught fresh and locally.

There are also conservation projects and educational outreaches provided by Florida Fish and Wildlife Services, where you can see all the highlights about these fascinating fish.

Orlando Fish Species

Orlando Fish Species - Fishing in Orlando All You Need To Know

Largemouth Bass

Many freshwater fishers love the challenge of catching largemouth bass and do it for their adrenaline rush. Strong and evasive, snagging a good one is always a great photo opportunity. Orlando, Florida, has one of the best largemouth bass fisheries in the United States. You will find many of them in Lake Tohopekaliga or “Lake Toho.” Lake Toho is known for being an extremely productive and consistent bass fishing spot.

Lake Kissimmee is also a top bass destination for fishermen to go after. Fishermen regularly pull trophy fish from these waters. There plenty of boat ramps at various points. The largemouth bass thrives in the natural vegetation and structure of the local lakes.

Lake Butler (Butler chain of lakes) and Lake Conway (Conway chain of lakes) are also excellent spots for freshwater fishing action. Lake Butler is a series of 11 interconnected lakes sprawling over 4,720 acres near Orlando, Florida.

Anglers can fish largemouth bass all year, but experts recommend targeting bass in spring and summer because of the spawning season at local angler points.

You are more likely to yield a big trophy largemouth bass during these periods! Variables like temperature and bait affect where and when you will find such trophy bass-worthy fish. There are few angling experiences as exciting as catching trophy bass.

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The Best Time To Catch Trophy largemouth bass when fishing Lake Kissimmee and Lake Toho

Though bass can be caught year-round, spring and summer are the best times to catch big bass and land that trophy fish of a lifetime. Bass fish induce from January through April bass in isolated covers like lily pads, reeds, hydrilla, or Kissimmee grass. The prime time to catch bass is in spring, when water temperatures are around 55 to 65 degrees. As far as the time of the day, either early morning or later in the evening are typically best. Bass will be more likely to bite midday if the weather is cloudy, if the water is muddy, or when the sun isn’t too bright.

Orlando Bass fishing - Catch Bass - Bass fishing - Orlando Lakes


Sunfish fishing is another popular option while on a local fishing trip. Popular bait includes plastic worms, leeches, bread, corn, and pretty much any common bait. You may want to use the small sunfish for bait to catch bass. The unique-looking fish is one that sport fishers will often seek out. Their availability varies, and you can fish for them any time of year. The high season for catching sunfish is in April and also from July to August.


Sunfish - Orlando Fishing - heavier tackle


Catfish can be caught in urban areas. Some ponds in Orange County are regularly stocked with catfish. They are also found in the channels that are in the area– the record-breaking catfish is 44.3 pounds! They can be caught year-round but especially in the warmer months when they are more active.

Catfish - many anglers wishlists

Crappie ( Speckled Perch )

Crappie, or panfish, are found in many freshwater spots in the Orlando area. The local lakes provide an excellent environment for crappie to thrive and grow to a decent size. They move closer to the shores in spring and fall and have hollow nests. Casting bait near nests results in a fast catch many times. Crappie fish is excellent for fishers of all ages and sizes and might be a good fishing trip for families and children. Minnows are a common bait choice for crappies, and they prefer live bait.

Crappie - florida's all star lineup


Targeting redfish will take you to the pristine shallow waters near Orlando. Redfish are most commonly found while flats fishing and are the most sought-after Florida fish for visitors. The Indian River Lagoon provides a unique ecosystem where redfish live their entire lives inshore. Winter and spring typically have the most schooling fish.



Tarpon is a massive draw on either coast of central Florida; you can find juvenile tarpon ranging from 2 to 20 pounds during your fishing trip any time of the year. Anglers can find all sizes of these impressive fish on a seasonal basis. The coastal lagoon system offers targeted tarpon fishing on a year-round basis, and they can also be caught offshore in the spring through fall.

Get on a charter trip for a chance to catch “the silver king,” as the tarpon is nicknamed. They require the same bait system as redfish and an upgraded 30 to 40-pound leader due to their enormous size. You can catch these fly fishing as well as spin or bait casting. Instead of artificial baits, the recommended live baits are mullet, shrimp, pigfish, and pinfish.


Types of Fishing to Try in Orlando

Types of Fishing to Try in Orlando

Bass Fishing (Trophy Bass )

Orlando is an excellent destination for large bass fishing and other popular Orlando fish species. Having the right gear and bait set up is essential for Orlando big Bass Fishing. If you desire to catch a trophy bass of 8-10 pounds or more, we recommend using live bait or quality fishing charters.

Pontoon Fishing

Pontoon fishing charters on the freshwater lakes is a fun opportunity to see Florida’s unique lake system. Pontoons are safe and stable, and there are many kinds of fish you can catch. This is the perfect fishing trip for large groups, kids, the elderly, and handicapped situations.

Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing Near Orlando can be easy to find, only a short drive away to the west or east coast. An experienced saltwater guide will be able to take you to the best spots targeting redfish and other fun sport fish.

Offshore Fishing Charters Orlando

Orlando is in central Florida and within driving distance to two coasts. Organizing an offshore trip is easy to do, and there are many different types of offshore fishing and lengths available.

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing offers an exciting big adventure and a chance to get some exercise early morning! It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get outside, sightsee, and fish.

Fishing Spots

Urban ponds make for excellent fishing spots that are easily accessible. There are also many local lakes and lagoons open to anglers with boat access. Orlando, Fl, is known for having some of the best bass fishing lakes in the country, such as Lake Toho, to experience a top-notch freshwater fishing charter. Finally, the ocean is a short drive away and an international draw for sports fishing.

Famous Tourist Destinations in Orlando

Famous Tourist Destinations - Orlando hotels - Disney World

Walt Disney World resorts, theme parks, and water parks attract visitors from all over the world to their family-friendly fun and attractions. The Walt Disney World complex is known as the most magical place on Earth, and no detail is spared in the park and attraction design.

Sea World is also in Orlando, and many animal lovers enjoy visiting the exhibits. There are also Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay theme park capital. Visitors will always find something exciting and fun to do in Orlando!

Orlando fishing is also home to multiple concert and event venues as well as the University of Central Florida. From spring training to football games and headlining tours, there is always something in Orlando. Whether you like freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, Orlando has it all within a short drive of all the major exciting theme parks.

When to Visit Orlando

When to Visit Orlando - Johns lake - lakes rich - lake ivanhoe

The most popular time to visit Orlando is when your schedule allows it! Many visitors prefer the off-season as it is pretty busy and crowded most days. The mid-fall and late spring weather are mild, and many people say this is the best time to visit.

However, if you plan on fishing, the best time would be when it is the fishing season! In this case, contact your fishing charter and see when they recommend you visit world-famous Orlando, Florida.

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