Date: 12/21/2010: iOutdoor fishing trip

Customer: Bob Gotkowski and family

Captain: Rocky-Mosquito Lagoon

Monster Redfishing

The Gostkowski family fished a gorgeous December day with Capt. Roland in the north Indian River near Titusville, Florida. The native Chicagoans were here to drink in the sun and warmth while seeing the sights.  After doing some bird and dolphin watching the trio was ready for some fishing.

The redfish started moving into the shallows to feed just before noon and the Gotkowskis were waiting to greet them. A double hook-up was scored by mom and dad right off the bat with both fish well over the slot limit and nearing 20 pounds.

Twelve-year-old Michael Gostkowski, who just had hand surgery and only had the use of one hand, was the next to hook up. He worked the reel, mom worked the rod and dad keeled over laughing. It had to be one of the funniest displays of fishing I have ever seen. After a long battle, the biggest fish of the day was finally landed, photographed and released. The fish weighed approximately 25 lbs. Afterwards, Bob commented, “This experience was just like the fishing shows we’ve watched on TV, except our fish were bigger.”’

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