Lake Placid Fishing Charters
Highlands County, FL has an endless abundance of exceptional places to explore and visit. One of the best destinations is Lake Placid, a clearwater bass fishing haven for anglers of all types. While traveling to Central Florida near Sebring, FL, be sure to experience this gourd-shaped lake known for its trophy largemouth bass. Every year, our local experts are catching giant bass that will make you want to come back for more. Come enjoy a Lake Placid Fishing Charters that will have you addicted to bass fishing in Florida!

Lake Placid is located just south of the city of Lake Placid. Within minutes, you can be on the water in search of some GIANT largemouth bass. Our local experts have worked hard to dial in on the biggest bass they can on this beautiful fishery. When traveling to the city of Lake Placid, getting out on the water is a must.

This fishery is 3400-acres pleasantly located in Highlands County, Florida. While visiting Lake Placid, you can travel just South of it and be fishing within minutes. Some of the stunning views of Central Florida can be seen from the city of Lake Placid, on the ridge. Enjoy a day on the water as well as exploring the historic downtown atmosphere this city has to offer.

Bass fishing is fantastic all year round. Lake Placid Fishing Charters are always available to you and can help you land that fish of a lifetime. The clearwater lake makes the bass quite finicky to your usual presentation of baits. Getting out with a local expert is essential be