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Common Questions

1. Do I need to buy an Inshore fishing license?

No. We have a license that covers all while Inshore fishing on our boats.

2. What is the length of the trips offered?

Length of trips varies by each Captain, let iOutdoor work with your plans to find the perfect Inshore Fishing trip for you!

3. What experience level is necessary?

From novice to expert, any level of experience is acceptable. We can teach you everything you need to know.

4. How many anglers can fish?

Inshore flats boats will hold up to 2 anglers.  Inshore Bay boats can fish up to 3 and possibly 4 depending on weather and captain.

5. Are food and beverages included?

No. You are responsible for your own food and beverage.

6. Are alcoholic beverages allowed on board?

Yes. Mild beverages (i.e. Beer, Wine, Wine Coolers, Ciders, Hard Lemonade) are allowed.

NO GLASS BEVERAGES! All beverages must come in either cans or plastic containers.

7. Is fishing gear provided?

Yes. We provide the latest and best tackle on the market today. All line is changed on a regular basis. However, you are welcome to bring your favorite rod and reel if you like.

8. What kind of clothing should you bring?

We recommend you cover up as much as the weather will allow. Avoid the sun as much as possible. A lightweight jacket for the winter may be needed. Always bring a cap, sunscreen, and don’t forget a camera! Remember- Flats boats are not large, so try to pack efficiently!

9. What kind of shoes should I wear?

Any closed-toe, non-black soles will be fine.

10. What is the cancellation policy regarding weather?

The trip may be canceled only by the captain for weather on the day of the charter. The captain has the final say for any refunds for trip cancellations due to weather.

11. How much of a gratuity is considered customary?

If you had a great trip and are happy with the service provided, 15-20% of the trip cost is appreciated.

12. How early should I show up for my Inshore fishing trip?

We advise arriving up about 30 minutes early at the meeting location.[/fusion_builder_column]

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