Florida Everglades Fishing Experience

Are you in search of a true outdoor experience in South Florida? The Florida Everglades holds some excellent waters and scenery for the whole family. If you want to introduce your family to fishing or you are an avid angler, this is the place to visit. Get your hands full with more bass than you know what to do with. Come enjoy a Florida Everglades Fishing Experience while bass fishing with our local experts in South Florida.

Largemouth bass dominates the water here in Florida. It is the number one game fish in the state and for good reason. The strains of black bass that grow here have the best genetics than any other bass in the world. States across the nation have taken this strain and introduced it into their fisheries. As a result, multiple legendary and trophy fisheries are born.

Florida Everglades Fishing Experience 3The Florida Everglades is known for its vast canal systems and excellent bass fishing. The largemouth bass roams these canals and can be caught all year long. When conditions are right like they are now, the fishing here is like no other place in the state. If you embark on a fishing charter, you will be put on more bass than you can handle. Everglades fishing will leave your arms sore and memories filled with quality bass.  Florida Everglades Fishing Experience 2

Several locations are highly productive this time of year. The beginning of this New Year has already been a very strong month for fishing. Fort Lauderdale holds the first destination to experience the Everglades.

Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect outdoor destination for the whole family. You can grab lunch, watch an alligator show, hop on an airboat and most importantly experience world-class Everglades bass fishing. While you are visiting Fort Lauderdale, hop on board and don’t forget your family.

You can experience this beautiful destination with Captain Brett Isackson, Captain Wayne Fellows, Captain Mike Groshon, Captain Kirk Osborne, Captain Joe Gruny, Captain Mark Rose and Captain Mark Shepard! These experts will put you on fish all trip long. You will never get bored in search for big bass on these clean fishing vessels. Take a trip out into the River of Grass learning about wildlife and the fish that swim there.

Florida Everglades Fishing Experience 4Several of these Captains located in South Florida also can help you explore Sawgrass Recreational Park. Sawgrass offers you the ability to fish incredibly clean water for quality largemouth bass. The shallow water marshes hold excellent bass especially this time of year. As the water temperatures get right, large females are finding their spawning grounds. If you are looking to show your family around, this is the ultimate fishing destination.

Alligator Alley is another prime location for catching large numbers of bass in the Everglades. Whether you are coming from the Southwest or Southeast corners of Florida, you can access its incredible fishing. One of the interesting parts about fishing Alligator Alley is that you can also experience the exotic peacock bass. If you are lucky, you can come across large schools of peacock bass along with largemouth bass on your fishing trip.

Hidden in the center of South Florida, you will stumble upon this fishing adventure. Captain Mark Rogers, Captain Rick Mitchell, Captain Nick Pasquarello, and Captain George Mrozinski can show you around this destination where you can catch more than just largemouth bass. Cash in on both largemouth and peacock bass on your next Everglades fishing experience.  Florida Everglades Fishing Experience 5

Fishing in the Everglades is a true experience. You are going to learn a lot about bass fishing. Most of the fishing in the Everglades is consumed with artificial baits. You can throw them all day long and catch fish on almost every cast. Bring your children that love the outdoors and get them educated and hooked on bass fishing. Expect large numbers of fish that can range from 50-200 fish on a single trip.

The wildlife is absolutely memorizing at every location. You can experience every species of birds in Florida. As well, you can fish besides alligators but don’t worry; you are completely safe on board our vessels. Our local experts will keep a safe distance that will allow you to take pictures and see them. Wildlife runs rampant in the Everglades and it is a must experience. While you are cruising down the canals, enjoy the scenery as the wild birds fly overhead. Don’t forget to bring a camera.

Our local experts would love to share this awesome place with you. Fishing in this wild, untouched destination will provide your family memories that they never will forget. Don’t miss out on an outdoor adventure like this one next time visiting Florida. You will not regret a day on the water with one of our local experts. If your loved ones love to fish, get them the gift of fishing this holiday season!

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