Florida Fishing Charter

Florida Fishing Charter

Florida Fishing Charter

This is Captain Brett Isackson with your Chokoloskee Everglades fishing report.

Florida is the Fishing Capital of the world and for good reasons. Our iOutdoor Fishing Charters allow you to experience what this beautiful state has to offer. Captain Brett Isackson is out with long time clients and friends, Robbie Cruvelli and Paul Cruvelli. They are traveling all over the state of Florida, fishing its many attractions including inshore fishing around Chokoloskee Island to freshwater fishing for largemouth bass in Everglades Holiday Park and Lake Okeechobee.

Everglades National Park spreads across the state offering an array of habitats within its 1.5 million acres. Exploring and experiencing its abundant nature and wildlife is a must if you want to true want an authentic Florida Fishing Charter. The Everglades is a Fisherman’s Paradise, from its Rivers of Grass to its Shallow Seas.

Fishing the Saltwater inshore waters of Chokoloskee for Redfish and Snook; start by throwing a Bass Assassin jig head with a Berkley Gulp body. The Redfish and Snook love them. It truly attracts the Reds and Snook right to the bait, producing the keepers we were looking for.

Paul has been trying to get Robbie to experience the Saltwater fishing on the West coast of Florida. Traveling from Miami Beach, they were ready to land themselves into a different fishing environment. Snook and Red fish are biting right now. Our first trip we landed 6 keeper Snook and the following trip we caught 3 Red Fish of high quality.

Fishing the Freshwater of the Everglades for Largemouth Bass, start out by throwing a swim bait like the Bass Assassin 4.7” “Boss Shiner” or the 5” “Die Dapper” to cover water and increase your odds of putting numbers of quality fish in the boat. Yet another crucial Bass Assassin bait I like to use when covering water is their 4” “Logger Toad,” especially around lily pads and thick grass cover.

One of the perks to the job is that you truly get to provide families and individuals with memories of a lifetime. Being out on the water is a highly unique experience, with endless sights to see and activities you can do. Our wonderful state is known for its Outdoor Activities and its amazing Florida Fishing Charter.
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