Riding the Waves in Style! Jet Skis

Florida is known for having one of the longest coastlines in the east coast. This coastal state is blessed with gorgeous waters, fine sand, and great weather all year-round. It is no wonder that the beaches of Florida are stocked full with waterfront resorts and well-maintained shores.

Florida is also known for many water sport activities from surfing, boating to fishing. However, for those who want to try something a little more, then jet skiing in Florida is one perfect way to go.

Jet Ski Activities

For those who do not yet know what a Jet Ski is, it refers to a personal watercraft or PWC. Basically, this is a motorized watercraft. Many visitors and locals in Florida can get hold of a Jet Ski. If it can’t be purchased, then it can be rented. Many of the beaches and resorts in Florida offer Jet Ski rentals for their visitors.

The misconception with a jet ski is that there is only one thing that can be done with it, and that is to ride it around the water. This is a false impression that definitely needs to be cleared because Florida offers a variety of activities that can be done on a jet ski to wet the appetite of both the rider and the audience.

One activity that is capable on being done on a jet ski is freestyle riding. There are many Jet ski freestyle tricks possible including big air, hood tricks, as well as technical tricks. In fact, competitions have even been arranged for jet skiers to display their prowess on a jet ski to a public crowd and this is called the professional freestyle competition.

Free riding a jet ski is one of the most extreme forms of jet skiing. This involves riding on a jet ski while surfing the wave as would a surfer. Yet another activity that offers variety in jet skiing is Closed Course racing. In this activity, 20 riders compete to finish first. The course is usually made in the open sea with the start line beginning along the shore.

Jet Ski Areas

Before hopping on that motor and revving off on the ocean floor, it is important to remember that jet skis are not permitted everywhere. In order to find out where Jet Ski riding is permitted, ask the locals or Jet Ski rental shops for directions. As a tip, remember that areas that offer Jet Ski activities typically allow jet skiing in their areas.