Select the Best Shot for Quail Hunting

The kind of shotgun that is best for Quail hunting depends on a number of factors. These include the type of Quail as well as the location of the hunting grounds. However, the most important factor is the comfort the hunter feels when handling the gun. Despite these different concerns, there are common characteristics that contribute to which shotgun is best for Quail hunting.

Characteristics for Choosing the Best Shotgun

The first characteristic for the best shotgun is one that is easy to carry. Portability is key because hunting birds involves a lot of walking and it will also help the hunter draw and shoot more quickly. An ideal shotgun for hunting upland birds such as Quail is 7 lbs. However, the size and overall strength of the hunter will determine whether he or she is comfortable carrying a larger gun. It is also important to note that the lesser a gun weighs, the more kick or recoil it will produce.

The second characteristic for a best shotgun is the proper length. The ideal length for a shotgun for upland bird hunting is no longer than 4 feet. However, the size and strength of the hunter also plays a key to how long the shotgun a hunter can carry.

The third characteristic is to use the proper gauge. Gauge use may vary for different hunters. Most hunters are successful with Quail hunting using gauges from 28 to 12. The most popular gauge used, however, is the 16 gauge. This particular gauge helps give an adequate shot pattern, and is ideal for shooting quick birds on the fly and at medium ranges.

Lastly, keep in mind that for shooting upland birds such as Quail, it is best to use shotguns that can shoot rounds very quickly. Therefore, shotguns with repeaters are recommended. The balance of the gun can either be muzzle light, neutral or very slightly muzzle heavy. When it comes to choke, any choke, for any range, on any game bird will do especially for a tubed gun.

The success of Quail hunting depends not just on the type of shotgun used but also the ability of the hunter. So aside from choosing a shotgun, whether from these tips or from personal preferences, practicing with it until one is comfortable is still the best way to successfully shoot some upland birds.