Turkey Blinds: Build Your Own!

When out hunting for turkey, it is almost always very useful to have a turkey hunting blind around. A hunting blind allows the hunter to hunt without being seen, heard or scented, which gives the activity of hunting the element of surprise. This element of surprise is also almost always the key to successful hunting. A hunting blind works by concealing the hunter, reducing noise and scent distribution by confining them within the blind. There are different kinds of blinds from simple natural blinds constructed from materials near the site, to portable pop up blinds and permanent box tower stands or blinds.

Building Homemade Hunting Blades

Turkey hunting becomes a lot easier with a use of a hunting blind because the turkey’s vision is legendary. While turkey hunting blinds can be store-bought, it can also be built with the use of hunting knowledge, some carpentry and the help of hunting blind plans. Homemade blinds can be made from practically any kind of material including canvas tarps or aluminum siding. The best way to make a homemade blind effective is to camouflage it well. This can be done by gluing or sewing on leaves to the blind material. The blind should have holes in them to fit a rifle through and should be positioned to look out over a wide area.

Tips for Effective Hunting Blinds

There are several tips to make a turkey hunting blind work effectively. First of all, hunters should bring clippers with them on site to cut some natural foliage for added cover. The blind should be placed just inside a tree line instead of placing it out in the open. Movement should be kept to a minimum. If there are any back windows present, it should be kept tightly closed because turkeys are known to catch movement even within a hunting blind. Lastly, hunters should also try to keep their face back away from the front window.

Following these tips can help hunters catch themselves some good turkey. Bringing a hunting blind along on a turkey hunting trip allows the hunter to be kept dry even in bad weather and it enables hunters to bring along a friend or even novice hunters within the blind without being spotted.