What hook should you use for which fish?

Wow!  Old as man itself but it can really be overwhelming when you start to choose a hook. Freshwater, saltwater, bait hooks,“J” hook, circle hook or live bait hooks.  Hook choice is VERY important!  As a general rule I judge the hook size I need to use as a function of the bait size I am using, not the size of the fish I am targeting. The fish I am targeting determines the bait size.  I particularly prefer circle hooks- they virtually hook themselves and are very fish friendly in catch and release situations.  Experience is the best teacher on hook selection- use the right hook for the right fish and type of fishing you are doing and be prepared have a selection of hooks at hand.  One common mistake is using a hook that is to big. Imagine this – if I hook you in the arm with a small quarter size hook are you going to be able to get a way or are you going to follow me anywhere?  A sharp point and a strong hook is much more important than the size.  Except in the case of top water lures please consider twice before you use a treble hook- there is virtually no opportunity for catch and release using a treble hook and they are banned in many areas.  Treble hooks are dangerous to fisherman as well- use them sparingly and only when you plan to kill and eat the fish.  One very important rule