Recreational Harvest Snook Season

FLORIDA (AP) — Snook Fishing season is back in Florida’s Atlantic coastal and inland waters.

The recreational harvest season reopens Saturday from the Miami-Dade and Monroe county line north, including Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River. The season runs through May 31.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says anglers can keep one snook per day during the season. The fish can’t be less than 28 or more than 32 inches in length. A snook permit is required to keep Snook, along with a saltwater fishing license unless exempt from the license requirements. Only hook-and-line gear is allowed.

The FWC says it’s illegal to buy or sell snook. Make sure you abide by these rules and not allow any one convince you to break the law. FWC will be monitoring the boat ramps to protect our species and fishing regulations.

The harvest of snook in all of Florida’s Gulf of Mexico state waters will reopen March 1. Snook Fishing along the Gulf of Mexico is also very good especially along the Paradise Coast. You never know what you will experience and catch while adventuring down the mangroves and back islands.

Harvesting a Snook under legal limits is well worth the fishing and wait. Snook are an excellent Inshore Fishing game species. They put up an excellent fight that is worth experiencing. You can catch them across the whole state of Florida, but the Atlantic Coast has some of the BEST in the state. Recreational Harvest Snook Season is the perfect time to put away some tasty meals. iOutdoor Fishing Captains and local experts know the Migratory Habits of this incredible fish. Port Canaveral is a great destination to explore Saltwater Inshore Snook Fishing.

iOutdoor Inshore Fishing Charters will provide you with the best experience possible. Our professional service is perfect for the family, friends or die-hard inshore angler. We look forward to seeing you during this season! Let’s catch some tasty treats.

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