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Snook Fishing in FL:

If there is one place known to be the Snook Fishing Capital of the World, it would be Florida. Incredible trophy sized Snook can be caught all year round, especially in South Florida. Snook fishing provides one of the BEST ways to experience inshore fishing. The characterized and known “thump” along with hard-pulls and head thrashing nature of the Snook make it one amazing fish to catch.

Snook is one the most sought after game fish in Florida; it has a lot of fight and it’s delicious to eat! These fish are smart and fast, so they must be fished with stealth and precision. Live bait is the most effective especially mullet, pinfish, grunts, crabs and ladyfish. You can also catch them on artificial baits that mimic their live forage in the area.

Our local experts will take you to all the hot-spots to catch your next inshore giant. Take a cruise through Florida’s inland waterways, inlets, flats, and mangrove estuaries chasing a Snook with light tackle and fly. Hop on board our fishing vessels and allow our professionals to take you on an in-depth look of Florida’s inshore destinations including Ft Lauderdale, Jupiter, Miami, Marco Island, Chokoloskee, and Palm Beach.

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  • Atlantic: Strong until north of Titusville, FL
  • Gulf: No further North than Homassassa, FL
  • Caribbean: tropical species can be found along the islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola


  • Average: 3 to 15 pounds
  • Florida Record: 44 pounds 3 ounces
  • World Record: 53 pounds 10 ounces


  • Known for their all-around fighting ability and strength
  • Usually experience long runs and jumps
  • Snook utilize structure to their advantage while being faught


  • Flavor packed making it ranked on the top of angler’s favorite species to catch-and-cook
  • Fillets are thick and make up a higher portion of total weight


  • Spinning and Bait Casters
  • Light saltwater boat rods effective for live bait
  • Fly fishing tackle with large streamers and poppers


  • Live Baits: pinfish, sardines, mullet, pilchards, shrimp, crabs
  • Artificial Baits: mirror plugs, bucktail, and plastic jigs, jerk baits, spoons and topwater plugs


  • Closed: December 15 – January 31 & June 1 – August 31
  • Not less than 28″ or more than 32″ in total length
  • 1 fish per harvester with proper stamps


  • Closed: December 1 – end of February & May 1 – August 31st
  • Not less than 28″ or more than 33″ in total length
  • 1 fish per harvester with proper stamps


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All of iOutdoor Captains are US Coast Guard certified. You will meet your captain at the marina, all safety instructions will be covered at that time. Make sure you have the proper clothing to remain comfortable for the entire fishing adventure. (Check out “What to Bring”) You’ll head out for a day of wonderful fun in the sun and productive fishing! Don’t forget to bring your Camera!

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