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From Florida Keys to Pensacola, iOutdoors has it all: Deep Sea fishing, Inshore fishing, freshwater lakes & rivers, Everglades eco tours, pontoon tours, intracoastal tours & boat rentals, must-see wildlife & must-see fishing. Take off the beaten path adventure or experience downtown urban expereinces. There’s no better place to book when you’re crafting the perfect vacation for your clients….and who doesn’t want to visit Florida!  Also now offering semliar tours in Erie Pa during season.

Partner with confidence knowing, our fucus is to provide great experiences for your customers. Our record shows, with over 1000 TripAdvisor reviews with our two companies iOutdoor & Bass Online which you will have access too. Below are just some of the amazing locations and tours!

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Why Book With iOutdoors?

  • We own all assets, not a broker.
  • Access to live, real-time inventories
  • Receive instant confirmations
  • Print invoices and post deposit payments immediately
  • Online access to commissions
  • Review detailed photos and descriptions of hotels, ships, maps and more
  • Save valuable time
  • FAM trips available

iOutdoors Travel Commitment to Travel Agents

  • Competitive commission
  • Online booking incentives
  • Custom group department
  • Industry Best pricing
  • Cooperative marketing funds available
  • Deal Direct
  • Outdoor Adventure Resale Travel Agents

Online Registration

Prior to booking online, your Travel Agents agency will have to register with iOutdoors Adventures. Please email the following information to [email protected] for questions to have your agency registered.

1. IATA/CLIA/TRUE number
2. Agency name
3. Agency address
4. Office Phone Number
5. Direct Phone Number
6. Agency Email Address
7. Agency website

If your Travel Agents agency is already registered, and you need an individual agent account, send a request with Agent info to [email protected] and they can be added to My Account with the company account.

Use our iOutdoors Vacation Adventure Tool

Outdoor Adventure Resale Travel Agents Online Travel Vacation Builder application is a dynamic online booking process through which agents and customers can shop for multiple types of adventures: Freshwater Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Fly Fishing, Inshore Fishing, Pontoon Adventures, Sightseeing Adventures, and other miscellaneous services. You are able to completely customize your client’s vacation!

We’re Here if You Need Us

Why buy through Viator, Expedia, when you can buy direct and make a larger commission. If you have questions or need assistance in making a booking, our reservation specialists can help. Call us at +1 (888) 412-1117 or email [email protected].

You can also reach us by filling out the form below with any questions you may have.

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    iOutdoors Fishing Adventures supports the Travel Agency community and provides a Travel Agency Commission, to IATAN Travel Agencies, on NON-DISCOUNTED package bookings.  A commission is paid on the base price; not including any taxes or ancillary services and sales.  iOutdoors does not pay commissions on additional service purchases during a stay or additional excursion purchases.

    iOutdoors Adventures does not pay commissions on any outside vendor activities or services.  This does not include air flights or any other excursion arranged or purchased on behalf of iOutdoors guest.  iOutdoors Adventures does not provide a Travel Agency Commission on discounted tours or promotional packages.

    Travel Agent commission/booking fee is only paid based on the completion of the activity and is not paid if the reservation is canceled.

    Travel Agent commissions only apply to non-discounted packages and do not apply to any discounted package or special offer.

    Travel Agents with a valid ARC/IATAN number qualify for the agency commission.

    When the reservation is concluded and actualized (at the time of checkout), an agreed commission on the base tours, as represented on the final invoice, not inclusive of taxes, fees and ancillary spending for additional excursions, activities, beverages, live bait, gratuity or merchandise. The commission will be paid to the validated travel agent. Travel Agents with a valid ARC/IATAN number qualify for the agency commission.

    Commissions are paid as an agent service or booking fee.

    If or when a reservation is canceled, for any reason, iOutdoors, LLC refund of any monies paid towards the reservation will be dictated by our Cancelation Policy and will be repaid to the respective payor(s). Return of deposits or other payments will be based upon the cancellation policy provided on the initial reservation confirmation and credit card processing terms and conditions.

    Deposit, Final Payment and Cancelation Policy: All Deposits and Monies received are non-refundable if iOutdoors, LLC, cannot rebook the vacancy. If the vacancy, caused by a cancelation*, is rebooked by another reservation, in accordance to the fee structure for the iOutdoors Fishing Adventures for the same date and package period, then a cancelation fee will be assessed against all monies previously received for the reservation that was canceled. All applicable funds, based on the cancelation policy will be returned to the payor(s) only. In the case of cancelation, there is no agency commission or fee paid to the Client’s Agent.

    A cancelation may be made by the payor(s), not by the agent, and must be made in writing. A cancelation may also be made by iOutdoors Adventures for bad weather or non-payment, based on the payment terms outlined for this reservation.

    iOutdoors Adventures, in the case of cancelation of any origin, will bear no responsibility for any and all travel-related expenses, including, but not limited to, airfare, hotel, transportation, cancelation fees, or any other associated services related to canceled reservation. iOutdoors Adventures is under no obligation to provide the Travel Agent with any financial compensation based on a cancelation.

    *The term “Cancelation” refers to any reservation that is canceled due to any circumstance, including events that may or may not be under the control of the guest holding the reservation.