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Questions about our fishing services? Read below some of the most popular questions.

Why Do you Ask for Insurance?2019-07-14T12:54:53+00:00

iOutdoors.com makes it mandatory that trip providers have liability insurance for their boat. While most listing companies do not make it a requirement to have these, iOutdoors.com considers this highly important and a vital part in protecting the future of the existing captains.  In order to provide our customers with the best possible fishing options, anyone not in compliance will not receive charters.

Why Do you Ask for Captain License?2019-07-14T13:00:34+00:00

iOutdoors.com makes it mandatory that trip providers have captain license when providing charters. While most listing companies do not make it a requirement to have a license, iOutdoors.com considers this highly important and a vital part in protecting the future of the existing captains.

We realize there are areas where this is not required, but we still require a valid captain license. We keep a copy of all captains license in the house at all time, if a captain lets if expire he or she forfeits there availability and will not receive any future booking until renewed. This helps provide our customers with the best possible fishing captain, anyone not in compliance will not receive charters.

What Is iOutdoors Adventures?2019-07-14T11:03:00+00:00

iOutdoors.com is a proven method to build a fishing charter business. A leading innovator in the fishing industry: we represent dozens of captains that have worked exclusively with us for more than 15+ years and hundreds of others making a successful living in the industry. We have the largest collection of professional fishing guides and charter operators in the Southeast United States. Not only are we committed to providing our customers with the best customer service, but we are also dedicated to helping our captains and guides grow their business to sustainable. We build a marketing plan around you to assure you more bookings each year. Thanks to our network and aggressive marketing strategy, expertise in web development.  Simply put everyone else in the industry makes you compete with others for charters, through discounts, cheap prices or larger percentages. Here at iOutdoor, everyone is the same, and no one competes with each other. Once your in the area all the trips are yours…we only make money when do…so our focus is to keep you on the water because we really do care!

What Is a Fishing Instant Booking?2020-02-06T00:47:14+00:00

Other companies use “Instant Booking,” we do not. All our trips are instant bookings, were all available 24/7 for the customer unless you otherwise mark on your calendar. This is a catchy phase for others to get your calendar and availability, with iOutdoors there is no need for these type of programs. Our customers always have the option to Instant Book, the customer’s reservation always automatically populate in the calendar, making that time slot unavailable for other customers.

What Does It Cost To List My Service?2020-02-04T23:32:24+00:00

We are not a listing service, so, therefore, there are no fees. Joining our Team is absolutely FREE if approved. Please submit your service to start the conversation and process.

What Does “Your Adventure Starts Today” Mean?2020-02-04T23:18:59+00:00

iOutdoors.com is the world’s leading fishing reservation platform, with 5-star customer service. When customers reserve with us, it’s almost always a great adventure that they have not experienced before. And because of our 24/7 mentally, we are always ready to make “today” that new adventure for them.

Many online companies brag about the number of listings they have, we like to get excited about the actual number of trips we are processing and how busy our captains really are. We pride ourselves on customer service, which is why “Your Adventure Starts Today” isn’t just a tag line, it’s a promise to provide the customer with the most exciting fishing experience available to ensure the financial safety of both our customers and charter captains.  This also includes a 100% refund to customers when a booked trip is not able to happen due to weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

What Commission Rate Does iOutdoors.com Charge for Managing My Charter Service?2019-07-14T11:10:39+00:00

iOutdoors.com charges a flat percentage of the total trip total. There are no membership fee or subscription costs involved, all of our percentages are voted on by the captain(s) at an annual meeting and not dictated by the company. We show you what we spend it on, the value and what you are getting in return. Because we care about each and every captain and their families it is extremely important you have success.

Is iOutdoors.com Based In The United States?2019-07-14T13:24:45+00:00

YES. In fact, iOutdoors.com was founded in Florida – arguably the sport fishing capital of the world. And iOutdoors.com is owned and ran by the fishing captains that work there. We are a group of anglers who have a passion for fishing and have grouped together to share our marketing, overhead and free up our time to be more successful as fishing captains.

How Does iOutdoors.com Work?2019-07-14T12:10:02+00:00

iOutdoors.com was created to help make charters & guides successful, the industry failure rate is upward of 70%.  We infrastructure, support, training, guidance, stability, and 99% proven 3 year plan to success. Our team focuses on marketing expertise for your business growth, we provide quarterly data to prove it. It only takes three easy steps to get started, one of those is sitting down with our team and building a business plan and timeline for you.

  • No Creating a profile
  • No Adding listings
  • No Adding trips and pricing
  • We do it all, your charter is listed and ready to be promoted.

Our unique algorithm means that as customers search, your area for charters or fishing service our listing with photos, customers’ reviews, and fishing reports will show. So need to wait on SEO or listings to be built and submitted. No more having to upkeep your listing(s). We get and receive positive customer reviews, they appear in search results.

How does iOudoors work with captains?2020-02-05T17:48:29+00:00

If you’re a charter operator, we’ll advertise to get you more bookings on Google, Bing, Instagram, Facebook, and other online platforms for FREE. We will also write SEO-friendly content to promote you and your fishing area.

How do we make money then? iOutdoors.com keeps a commission from every successfully booked trip that takes place. If the trip is canceled on behalf of bad weather, the captain, or the customer, the trip is refunded to the customer. We only make money if you go fishing.

You have full control over when you work, we work together to establish the best pricing and availability. We 100% focus on customer service, without them none of us have a job.

Once a customer requests to book a trip, you’ll be notified with an email or text message notification. If you accept the booking, you’ll get direct contact with the customer so you can work out any details.