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Things to do in Erie PA

Fishing in Erie PA


Have you ever wondered “what can I experience in Erie PA?” On the top of the Things to do in Erie PA you will discover all that Erie, PA has to offer. This means exploring things out of your comfort zone and the local favorites. Whether you’re in Erie for business, family time or summer vacation, getting outdoors is a must in Erie PA. A Erie Fishing Charter is one of the BEST ways to experience it all!

Our Erie PA fishing charters are frankly famous. The “Gold Nugget” in Erie Pennsylvania. Lake Erie and more specifically Erie PA is considered the “Walleye Fishing Capital of the World” and offers a plethora of outdoor activities almost all year long.

Every angler should fish Erie at least once in their lives. Explore the shallowest of the Great Lakes, which has more consumable fish than all of them combined. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Presque Isle Bay State Park and cast a line in the Bay. Whatever freshwater wishes you may have, our Lake Erie captains will make them come true.

Why Erie PA Fishing Charter?

An Erie fishing charter offers the opportunity to land the legendary Smallmouth bass and the local favorite Walleye. But Erie charters are offered both nearshore and offshore. While Erie and its sister town of Fairview both have incredible close access to the best area fishing in Erie, PA, it’s the only destination with top fishing spots. Many Pennsylvania anglers that have Erie fishing charters call the city their home, the local tourism, and casino brings eager anglers from all other the world.

When fishing in Erie, PA it’s done around shorelines, lakes, creeks, and runoffs. The fun is what’s driven everyone to vote fishing as one of the “Top Outdoor Things to do in Erie PA”. There is also exciting deepwater fishing within a reach for Walleye, Lake Trout and more, schedule an Erie PA fishing charter and let your vacation start off with a bang fish, we guarantee you will be hooked!

The city of Erie is at the heart of the ‘fertile fisheries’. All of our local charters have access to one of the best fishing areas in the entire Lake Erie due to its location. The area has a plethora of perch, smallmouth, and walleye in the local waters, and a bonce you witness stunning wildlife on the numerous island shores.

Vacation Spot or Fishing Spot?

Many know Erie PA as a summer vacation destination town, and it’s for its great state park and endless amounts of fun things to do. But, without a douth, it’s the area’s fishing that really keeps the area on the map. Almost year-round angling action takes place in these waters. So, get the most out of your vacation, hire one of our fishing charters, and soon you’ll be enjoying the great Lake Erie waters.

Erie’s revamped waterfront area facing the Presque Isle Bay State Park and the mainland is only part of the excitement. Fishing charter access in Erie PA is available around the clock for fishing, when and where you want. On full-day trips, you can fish target one species in the morning, get a nice lunch in Presque Bay, then head out for another sies in the afternoon. iOutdoors is the only fishing charter operation that offers this or can even accommodate it.

The thriving Bay fishing in Erie PA can’t be easily matched during the right time of the year. Perch, Smallmouth bass and others come in the bay to the shores, and provide great fights and produce amazing results. Only another reason why to hire a charter that offers experience and a good selection of charters to fit your needs!

Rules & Regulations

In PA all guest anglers do need to purchase a 1-day fishing license if fishing Lake Erie additional Erie Permit is required. As well if the charter is fishing for Trout or Salmon a specific permit os required. Please talk with your captain to which license is specific to your fishing trip

Types of Fishing

When Pennsylvania fishing, you can catch plenty of the local fish, commonly using flies, and of course who don’t want to use lures. Bass is one of the most popular fish in the nation to fish for, they can be caught year-round, but peak in spring and fall. Again, using worms, live-bait, and topwater lures.

Pennsylvania fishing charters offer a lot of water options. We commonly use trolling, bottom fishing, light or heavy tackle, jigging, and more.
When bottom fishing, we use heavy tackle for Walleye. These beauties live and love hanging around underwater structures. You can catch them mostly in deeper water, which in many cases is in state waters and have a very specific season to when they can be caught and harvested. You can catch them on cut fish as well, so most of the bait is cut fresh onboard the vessel. Leadgegs are one of the favorite places for Smallmouth, Walleye and Trout to hangout.

When fishing for Walleye, trolling is the most popular method. As they move around the water depths, you can find them at various latitudes, offshore and shoal waters alike. Feisty, Lake Trout, locally the favorite, flock around buoys and channels. We use lures and special Riggs, but we can also jig and see if Trout will chase it. Catch hard-fighting Smallmouth with a line testing 8+lb tackle. If you would prefer to try catching them on heavier tackle or fly, were happy to accommodate as well.

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Erie Inshore Fishing Charters


Discover WORLD CLASS Walleye Fishing in Erie PA for great tasting Walleye. Catch many more with your family, friends and co-workers while enjoing the area Lake and casino…

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Erie Offshore Fishing charters


Your Erie PA adventure is not complete with out testing the strangths of the local Smallmouth bass. Known for its arial jumps and drag screaming runs, we always fish nearshore…

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Erie PA Lake Trout Fishing Charters


Take a break from the vacation sites, adventure Offshore on Lake Erie for some of the best Lake Trout fishing avaiable anywhere. Located within minutes of everywhere…

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small mouth on Erie

Went on all day smallmouth trip with caption Tom Goodrich on 6/6/2021. we caught several smallmouth over 3 pound, 13 to be exact plus perch, rock bass and drum. have to say the best trip i have taken on a charter. there were 3 of us on the boat and it was a well organized boat with top of the line equipment. I have never seen a caption work so hard to make a trip so memorable for the client. When you want to take a bass fishing trip to Erie contact caption Tom Goodrich
- Tom Seifert

Great time with Capt. John

We had an awesome outing with Capt. John. He was very accommodating and wanting to make sure we had a great experience fishing. Right from the start – he was ready to go even before we arrived. He had went out earlier to check the spots we were to be fishing. I booked this trip as a surprise to my wife and Capt. John knew it and wanted to make it a special time for us. He was diligent in finding us the right spots to fish and he was in communication with Capt. Mark as well keeping up on the fishing reports. We had an enjoyable and fun time with him and didn’t realize how fast time was going. We caught a lot of small-mouth bass as well as perch and rock bass and I can “truly” say that you should have seen some of the ones that got away! Capt. John was so excited for us catching bass that he just extended our time and wanted to see us keep catching. We would highly recommend going out with Capt. John and we are looking forward to fishing with him again.
- Duane Britton

Awesome walleye trip!

Booked with iOutdoor through trip advisor no issues. We fished with Keith Eshaugh, and had a great time. Keith is very knowledgeable and his boat and equipment were in great order! I’ve fished all over and now count Keith and iOutdoors as go to’s for future trips.
- Bryan Peroni


Lake Erie is cold, somethines full of ice, so not the bese place for a fishing trip in January. Presque Isle Bay does provide Ice fishing when weather is possible. Its possible to catch Steelhead and Trout.
The river fishing starts to get better, especially areas with current and additional water flow. Current constrats the fish and ist not uncommon to catch Yellow Perch and Walleye.
The creeks around Lake Erie start to melt, and will produce good populations of Brown trout. As you can access the deeper water, Northern Pike become avaiable as well.
Spring season bring the spawn of fish, the first to do is the Carp. Carp will concertrate in large numbers. Depending on weather the early Walleye season may also start, first at night.
Not only Walleye, you’ll also have great luck fishing for Northern Pike, as well as Steelhead. Spawn may also start for Catfish in some locations, this will consentate the number of fish.
We love June for Smallmoth bass, they start to spawn including large amonts of Catfish. Smallmouth, if you want to catch them on a day trip, check shallow and clean waters.
Walleye peak season, starts as the temperatures rise. The fish move out to deeper waters, searching for colder water temps.
All around good month in Pennsylvania for Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Perch, they all are good fishing. Some of the small lakes and creeks start to produce better then the main lake.
Largemouth and Smallmouth bass feed well in the fall, so still a great time although you may need to go deeper. The bait leaves the bay and coves and heads for deeper water, tend to need to follow the bait.
We now start to have fun, Steelhead get active, as well as Salmon start to move and become easy to catch as they head for the creeks. Yellow Perch fishing can still be caugth as well.
As the weather gets colder, fishing at Lake Erie slows down and the main action moves back to the rivers. Trout and Bass fishing are still good.
Back to winter, lake Erie start to freeze over and theres not much to do related to fishing. You can still find captain’scatching Steelhead way offshore, but it’s cold!




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