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Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Fishing Charters


iOutdoor Fishing Charters is based on Lake Erie out of Presque Isle bay...Erie PA is known as "The Smallmouth Capital of the World!" The Western shores of Erie PA are on Lake Erie comprises about 70 miles of shoreline. Presque Isle bay is a large and deep basin with great humps and depths. Here in the Erie PA basin, we enjoy a great destination for fun and a World Famous Smallmouth fishing with other species available and great places to eat and drink..

The species of Smallmouth bass ranks as one of the most popular species of fish for northern bass anglers. Not a great tasting fish, it's generally fished only as a sportfish, but state laws allow some harvest. Smallmouth bass feed multiple times a day, generally concentrated in schools when feeding. They can be fun to catch by youth anglers, anglers with disabilities and men and women of all ages.

About the Smallmouth Charters

In Erie, there is an abundance of Lake Erie Smallmouth Fishing Charters that provide fishermen with incredible Smallmouth fishing experience. In Presque Isle Bay, it’s a new adventure every time the boat leaves the dock. It is a high-quality habitat that produces Largemouth bass, Walleye, Perch, Lake Trout, and many others.

When Smallmouth fishing gets underway,  it picks up to full swing really quickly. We typically start our Lake Erie Smallmouth fishing charters season in early April depending on how cold of winter we have had, sometimes we have to wait for the ice to thaw. As July brings us into summer, we start to head more offshore and drift on humps. With all this said, no need to worry our experienced captains know when, where, and how to make the changes necessary to make your Smallmouth fishing charter a great one. Whether you are an experienced Lake Erie angler or first-timer angler we will take the time to make the trip fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Smallmouth Fishing Charters

As we get into late summer it heats up the water temperatures, so we have to begin fishing deep to catch the majority of our Smallmouth bass. Smallmouth bass is highly productive and creates very good hook-up and landing odds when catching them so deeply. These are common occurrences in the summer and fall months when we get bad weather but not to worry. We always have mutable opportunities to catch smallmouth bass at different depths with different techniques. Erie PA smallmouth fishing charters is truly a fun way to spend the day CATCHING Smallmouth!

Smallmouth Fishing Charters

Are you looking for a Lake Erie Smallmouth Fishing Charter? Well, you have come to the right website. iOutdoors is the largest US-based fishing charters service with a full team of captains in Erie PA. We would like to welcome you and personally thank you for considering our service, we ask you please read over our reviews they truly separate us from the rest. When the opportunity comes to choosing a Smallmouth fishing charter service, please base your decision on quality reviews.

Our charters are fun, once aboard our boats, the good times just get started.  We guaranty a great day catching Smallmouth on Lake Erie with a very professional and knowledgable captain, it will be provided in a safe, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction on each Lake Erie Smallmouth bass fishing charter, and on most days we accomplish that goal. Some days, the weather and mother nature just seem to have the upper hand!

History Pays Off

Our Smallmouth fishing guides have over 300 years of total experience on Lake Erie, so moving around the waterways until you're a castaway from that trophy Smallmouth is a daily process. And of course, your captain always has an eye open for something special like a Perch, Walleye, or many other species living in a deep hole around Lake Erie. The Smallmouth fishing charters can be done with light tackle, which makes it a load of fun.

Giant-Size smallmouth bass will leave your mouth gaping as your rod bends to the perfect angle and your smallmouth bass goes airborne. There are some wild and beautiful spots on Lake Erie, but it takes an iOutdoor local captain to know the best spots on any given day.

We also provide additional fishing opportunities for Lake Erie Walleye fishing, fishing for Lake Trout, as well as Lake Erie Yellow Perch and at select times of the year steelhead fishing on Lake Erie in Pennsylvania.

Smallmouth Fishing Rules

The Smallmouth bass fishing season begins in early April and on most years runs through November depending on the weather. Generally, on Lake Erie Smallmouth fishing charters you get fish in the 2-5 pound class are common. The larger, trophy-size Smallmouth 5-8 pounds are caught yearly and come in prime season. In a perfect world, the suggested times for Smallmouth fishing in PA is in early spring or fall.

Remember Smallmouth fishing charters are very popular, so prime fishing dates book early. Plan your Lake Erie Smallmouth fishing trip today, book it online here!

The on-the-water team at iOutdoors has that special knowledge and experience and are motivated to show you the best experience possible.

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