Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are as follow; all fishing trips (singles, doubles, groups, and packages) should be rescheduled or canceled with verbal notification. To your charter/fishing guide or iOutdoor office at (1-888-412-1117) within 72 hours of your scheduled trip date/time. Notification via text or email is not excepted in terms and conditions agreement.
If cancellation is NOT within the 72 hours prior to your scheduled trip. We will make all attempts to reschedule your charter/fishing guide. If we “cannot” reschedule your reserved charter/fishing guide before your scheduled time there will be a $100.00 non-refundable charge to your credit card used at the time of reservation.

Cancellation Terms

Our cancellation terms are:

Weather delays are possible and various safety factors can adversely affect schedules, trips, and itineraries. If such delays or cancellations do occur, iOutdoor will try to accommodate you with another activity or location if at all possible. We will also make every effort to reschedule your fishing trip if at all possible. If a trip cannot be taken for weather-related reasons, we will use the following policy.

Weather cancellation procedure:

All trips canceled due to bad weather prior to starting time is the responsibility of the customer to notify their scheduled charter/fishing guide and/or the iOutdoor main office between (8am – 8pm) of cancellation. The customer must notify the charter/fishing guide and/or iOutdoor office 24 hours in advance do to weather to cancel. If no verbal contact is made, the customer must show at the scheduled meeting location and time to cancel fishing trip in person with a fishing Captain.

We do offer 100% refund on any deposit for charters canceled due to weather if canceled with this procedure! (If a charter is canceled due to weather, we will try to reschedule if possible or you will be refunded or canceled with no charge.)

If the weather condition policy is not followed as stated above, there is a $100.00 nonrefundable cancellation fee that will be charged to your credit card holding the reservation.

You are always responsible for costs incurred for additional lodging or personal expenses due to weather delays or other uncontrollable events. We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance if this concerns you.

Gift Certificate Policies

Gift certificates are only good for up to a year from the purchase date. If you buy one December first its good until the following December first the next year.


-Expiration dates on the gift certificates are very strict, they cannot be extended for ANY reason.  Please be aware of this when planning your trips if you book right before it expires and something comes up like weather you could be risking your gift certificate balance.

Good towards any trip’s fare, not usable on Clothes, Hats, Tackle, Parking fees, Souvenirs, or anything other than charter/tour fare only.

– Maximum gift card purchase amount is $2500

 **Keep in mind, when booking trips or buying gift certificates online there is a $3 service fee.