Drift Fishing for Kings – Fort Pierce, FLorida

Were in 18 to 30 feet of water just north of the Fort Pierce Inlet and the schools of menhaden are boiling around us, I can clearly see the dark clouds of bait fish just holding below the surface from my vantage point in the tuna tower.  We have four spinning rods out each with 30 inches of light wire leader and a live bait circle hook with a live bait holding just on the surface.  We are drift fishing live bait for Kings.  It’s summer and the bait schools are holding in the shallow waters just off the beach.  The boat is kept running and either the port or the starboard engine is engage momentarily to keep the baits on the surface and away from the boat.   The baitwell is full of live bait fish and the dead ones are picked out and cut up for chum, tossed a few pieces at a time over the side to make a chum trail.  From my vantage in the tower I keep an eye on the schools of bait fish and call