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Bass Fishing Okeechobee City FL

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Bass Fishing Okeechobee City FL

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Bass Fishing Okeechobee City FL

Bass Fishing Okeechobee City Florida is the Bass Fishing Capital of the world! Bass are everywhere in Florida, but the big ones live on Lake Okeechobee. Bass Fishing Okeechobee City Fl provides great fun for the whole family, it convenient to the east and west coast.

Juvenile Baas eat insects and smaller fishes, while the trophy bass are strictly carnivorous- eating their prey in one giant gulp!

You’ll know when you have one of these Okeechobee beasts on the end of your line! While bass fishing Okeechobee, the fish are known for their fighting savvy and exceptional pulling power! Bass are Florida’s number 1 sport fish and are edible to keep – Be sure to check with your Captains for local laws and practices like “catch and release”.

Your trophy Bass lives on Lake Okeechobee, it lives to fight you on another day. Bass Fishing Okeechobee creates a thrilling adventure to talk about for a lifetime! If you want the real deal, a true Okeechobee bass fishing experience catching large, aggressive trophy bass; iOutdoor bass fishing Captains will show you the way!

Call iOutdoor at 1-888-412-1117 to start executing your Bass Fishing adventure now!

Bass Fishing Okeechobee is renowned as the #1 bass fishing lake in the USA. Okeechobee City is now known as the headquarters for bass fishing Okeechobee for trophies. When most people think of visiting Okeechobee, fishing for a trophy is on their mine, it isn’t generally that there going to the area to catch lots of fish…which happens anyways. Many people would think it’s to far to travel from Disney World, Seaworld and Universal Studios theme parks, but bass fishing Okeechobee City is less then a two hour drive for visitors. Truth is…the entire area is beautiful, has great weather and yes the fishing as well as the hometown feel of Okeechobee City!Our Okeechobee bass fishing guide service began operating in the 1970’s. We are very fortunate to have full-time bass fishing guides working with us. Our guide staff is made up of US Coast Guard licensed captains and equipped with all necessary coverage and equipment. Our customers not only have the pleasure of fishing with our local experts, but also get the confidence of reserving with the largest fishing service in Florida.

Okeechobee City Florida is one of the country’s best and most diversable trophy bass areas to fish. Okeechobee Fishing has the best of everything, Trophy Bass, Bluegill, Crappie and many others species. The local hot spots of Okeechobee City are all located within a 10 to 30 minute drive of most the boat ramps. Realistically closer than most other activities, during most times of the years we offer pickup service for your convenience, just enquire when you call or email.

If you choose to bass fishing Okeechobee, it really and truly is great most all year long. The beginning of bass season for Okeechobee fishing is January. For your best shot at a giant Okeechobee trophy bass, season kicks in full gear when the big female bass start spawning which is early as December and as late as May. This is the favorite time of the year for most customers to go Okeechobee bass fishing. Although we catch BIG trophy bass almost every week of the year, the difference being this time of the year…it simply produces more trophy size bass that weigh 10+ pounds.

Because of iOutdoor success over the years here on Okeechobee, Florida we have truly the”ultimate staff” of fishing guides. Despite all of our convenience and great customer service, we still get sold out in this area quite often. So to ensure getting your desired date(s) you may want to make reservation as early as possible. If you’re here visiting Disney World, Universal Studios, Epcot Center, Sea World, Legoland, Busch Gardens, Orlando Convention Center or Kennedy Space Center just give us a call at the above 888-412-1117 and we can accommodate your schedule. Our trips are built around your schedule, we have suggested times but are open to making our trips as convenient as possible for you.

What to bring

Bass Fishing Okeechobee City What to bring When spending multiple hours in the outdoors, it is best to be prepared! Dress in layers, wear light colored clothing- preferably long sleeved to protect from the sun. Bring Sunscreen- nothing ruins a trip faster than a bad sunburn! A wide brimmed hat helps shield your face and keep you cool. Wear comfortable shoes with non-scuff soles (tennis shoes are perfect) Polarized sunglasses, light jacket, rain jacket, sea sickness medicine are all things you may consider taking on your charter. Don’t forget to bring the camera or video recorder! You will also need to bring your own food and beverages. iOutdoor makes it easy for you- We have a wonderful catering service! Let us do the work, and have a full cooler waiting for you!

Why iOutdoor?

Bass Fishing Okeechobee City Why iOutdoor? At iOutdoor our Captains are driven to provide you the best and most successful Charter experience possible! Rest assured, your safety is of utmost importance and your success on the water is a close second. All of our Captains are seasoned professionals who are experienced and Coast Guard Certified not “just for hire” as needed like more of the industry.

iOutdoor Captains are selected based on: 1) Fishing Success, 2) Safety Record. 3) Fishing Experience 4) Condition of Boat and Equipment. You will be provided all the necessary fishing tackle, lures and gear required to catch the trophy fish you want. A Florida fishing license will be needed on all freshwater charters, we can assist you with that at time of reservation.

When bass fishing Okeechobee if you have a special lure or fishing rod you would like to use, bring it along! iOutdoor will make your Charter a successful, and an exciting adventure that you will enjoy telling your friends and family about – were betting on it, with the pictures to prove it!

Get your bass fishing Okeechobee adventure started NOW! Simply fill out the contact form on this page or call 1-888-412-1117.

iOutdoor friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have; including: where to stay if overnight is necessary, what fishing areas will yield the best results you are looking for, appropriate boat size, etc. Whatever your needs may be, iOutdoor will make it happen!

Sea Sickness Policy

Bass Fishing Okeechobee City Sea Sickness Policy Even though you may not be roughing the deep seas- some anglers can still suffer from sea sickness on a flats adventure. If you feel you would be or are prone to sea sickness, take the necessary precautions.
iOutdoor has noticed that taking your sea sickness medicine is best before the launch. It typically has little or no effect once you are already feeling sea sick.


Bass Fishing Okeechobee Reservations

You have two ways of reservering a trips with iOutdoor.
Choose any of the BOOK NOW buttons on the site or simply call +1 (888) 412-1117
and talk with one of our reservation anglers. iOutdoor requires a small deposit of $50 at time of your reservation. If you must change or cancel your reservation, it must be done 24 hours prior to departure date.

1. If iOutdoor is forced to cancel a trip for any reason, a 100% refund will be made if another date cannot be arranged to your satisfaction.

2. iOutdoor can provide complete package trips with accommodations or recommend hotels/motels.

3. Tips are appreciated and are a very real part of the income of the crew. 15%-20% is typical for excellent service.

4. iOutdoor will clean, fillet and package the fish at NO additional charge, but be sure to check that this is not offered on all charters because of state laws.

Call us at +1 (888) 412-1117 and let’s start fishing!
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