How to Hide From a Wild Boar

Boar hunting is an extremely popular sport. This type of outdoor activity is synonymous with turkey, duck, and hog hunting, although boar hunting literally means a practice of hunting wild boars or even wild hogs.

A large full sized boar is a strong animal armed with sharp front tusks. The boars use these weapons to hunt smaller prey, as well as a weapon for self defense. It is these protrusions that can make boars seem formidable. Some professional hunters would say that hunting boars is often a test of bravery.

Those who are planning to hunt a wild boar will find that it is a good idea to know what necessary clothing to wear during this outdoor hunting activity.

Unlike other types of hunting (deer, turkey, etc.), you’ll find that it is not that necessary to wear fill camo when hunting for boar. However, you will have to wear a dark green camo or one that will blend in to the background much better. Wearing long waterproof pants is also necessary because you may have to spend time in wet areas.

If you feel that you need to be in full camo, go ahead. You can wear a product called ASAT, which has been specifically designed to blend in to the environment. This will make you difficult to spot.

When you are figuring out what to wear, make sure that you do so by first finding out where you’ll be going hunting. If you are going to be hunting in the rain, wear a hooded water-proof camo. If you will be hunting in colder weather, make sure you wear something warmer.