Top 10 Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are type of footwear that are specifically designed for trekking up mountainous trails.

Hiking boots are often considered as one of the most important hiking gears mountaineers should possess.

These boots are extremely handy, and is deemed as one way to determine the ability of adventure seekers to move faster and father.

Some of the top hiking boots in the market today includes :

  1. Keen Growler – The quick-cinch laces and toe bumpers are some of Keen’s hiking boot features. This type of hiking boot is among the best in terms of the warmth-to-weight ratio. It is also made out of breathable and waterproof materials.
  2. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid – This type of hiking boot is best for multi-day backpackers. Lowa is made out of waterproof and breathable materials. It is also lighter, flexible and has a sleeker look.
  3. Timberland Washington Summit F/L GTX Mid – The Timberland hiking boot is mainly for those who love to walk several miles in rocky landscapes. The boot is made of waterproof gore-tex material.
  4. Sorel Caribou – The Sorel Caribou hiking boot is now better than its predecessor and the leather uppers are now sealed and waterproof.
  5. Patagonia Koyuk – The Koyuk is designed for heavy duty hiking in rocky terrain.
  6. Helly Hansen Lynx – This type of hiking boot is usually uses during winter season. It is best to wear this boot during skiing.
  7. Vasquez M-Possible – M-possible is usually used in glacier hiking.
  8. Baffin Mountain – Baffin Mountain have five layer of protection from the elements and it is also the warmest boot.
  9. Columbia Winter Trek XTM Omni-Tech – The lightest weight hiking boot ever made.
  10. Hi-Tec St. Moritz Luxe 200i – This hiking boot can be worn during winter season and it isolates the feet thoroughly.