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Florida is host to some of the most beautiful and magnificent hiking trails in North America! Where else can one wander through so many different types of ecosystems: coastal parries, hardwood hammocks, pine forests, beaches, cypress and mangrove swamps, rivers, lakes, and springs!iOutdoor has hikes for all levels and abilities. Whether you are a casual walker wishing to take a 35 minute boardwalk through hardwood hammocks or mangrove systems, or the long distance backpacker wishing to take several months on a statewide excursion; iOutdoor will find the perfect trail to suit your hiking needs.

Shorter walks can be found just about anywhere in the state; from the Everglades National Park to bird sanctuaries and parks found throughout the state. Many such walks will feature other points of interest nearby such as gift stores and information centers. Many provide handicapped access as well.

For longer hikes, ranging from an hour or a day; the choices are virtually endless. Depending upon which part of Florida you are visiting, it is possible to enjoy many of the hikes through preserves, parks, water management districts, ranger-led slogs (hiking through wetter areas) and sections or loop trails of the Florida Trail (FT).

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    Why iOutdoor?

    iOutdoor will work with you in selecting the trail that will be an enjoyable and safe hiking adventure. Our guides are experts in the field who also have geographic knowledge of the trail and surroundings. You will not only get some great exercise, you will get an education!

    Get your Hiking adventure started NOW! Simply fill out the form on this page or call 1-888-412-1117. iOutdoor friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have; including: where to stay if overnight is necessary, what Hiking areas will fulfill your expectations. Whatever your needs may be, iOutdoor will make it make it easy for you!

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    This was by far the most exhilerating thing I’ve ever done in my life, my pictures turned out great.

    – Karl Gardner, AL

    What to Bring

    Depending on the hiking adventure you choose, one may need to rent equipment some pieces of equipment. If you are on an overnight trek, iOutdoor can help advise you on what to bring. On all hikes you will need sunscreen, sun glasses, hat, good hiking boots or trekking shoes, bug spray, binoculars, camera/video recorder and WATER! You will need to carry all of your items, so a back or fanny pack is helpful. All of the areas you will be hiking will require you to pack out any items you bring in. Let’s keep our planet beautiful!

    You will need to bring your own cooler of food and beverages.

    Pricing & Availability

    Pricing and availability are a function of region, number of participants, length of hike, etc. iOutdoor will help you select a birding adventure that is perfect for your needs and budget. Call us now, and start making your Hiking adventure possible! 1-888-412-1117