Florida Fishing Seasons Calendar 2022

Fishing is a fantastic sport, and Florida is a delightful place to get out on the water and find some truly great fish species. From Orlando to the Florida Keys, with the right fishing charter and the right fishing spot, you can find nearly anything in the waters of Florida. And knowing what fish you might catch in what month can help you decide when you want to go on a fishing trip.


For those who are looking to fish in Naples in January from the bay, trout, reds, flounder, sheepshead, and black drum are common. Fishing off the pier in a place like Cocoa Beach can get you winter Bonita which is a great meaty fish. If you are looking to surf further out, pompano and whiting are easy to catch.


In February, the fishing forecast does change up a bit, with speckled trout, flounder, and pigfish being more common. In a place like Port Canaveral, you can expect redfish as well. Of course, there are always other fish like a drum that is relatively year-round.


On Daytona Beach, in March you might see redfish and tarpon. In March in areas like Panama City, you may also see largemouth bass, bluegill, and brown bullhead.


Moving into spring, these are some of the best times for deep-sea fishing and great charter trips. Mahi-Mahi is prevalent, tuna of other species and even Wahoo are prevalent deep in the water so this is a great time to get out in a boat.


In May, at a place like Miami, trout and reds are going to be present in the flats or further onshore. Amberjack and red grouper are better for further out fishing, and triggerfish are also present. If you want something a bit different, vermilion snapper is also active during this warmer month.


When the warmer months get here, the numbers and varieties of fish do get better and larger. Yellowtail, mutton, grouper, kingfish, sailfish, tuna, and even red snapper are all active and ready to catch. Making June a great month if you are looking for unique varieties and not really into typical fish.


In July, when summer is in full swing, you can catch some truly spectacular fish on beaches like Marathon and Destin. Tarpon, a great sport fish, is going to present you with plenty of challenges to catch. Snook and largemouth bass are all present and active in July.


In August the activity does slow down a little, but Snook is still out and ready to be caught. The fish this time of year are bigger than they are in the spring and would be a great catch.


In September, the activity does pick back up with tons of bottom fish ready to be reeled in. During this month, you can find king mackerel, sailfish, blackfin tuna, scamp grouper, and a ton of other great fish. These fishes are going to present you with just the right amount of challenge to catch and enjoy a super fun fishing trip.


In October, it is getting a bit cooler, so there might not be as much activity. But there is still plenty of fishing that can be done in the warm Florida waters. Redfish, snook, bluefish, and pompano are all out and active, making for a great catch.


November is nearly winter, so the fish activity may slow down based on the drop in temperature. But there are still plenty of great flounder, redfish, trout, and mullet to be caught and ready to be eaten. This is a great season that is temperate and great for those that are not looking for tons of heat or traffic.


You can catch a ton of great fish during December too. Blackfin tuna, little tunny, and kingfish are all great to catch during this time of year. This is a great time for fishing as the water is warm enough for fish to still be active, but you are not going to have to deal with the heat of summer.

No matter what month you visit, Florida is a great place to fish. It has a ton of fantastic species that you can get either out in the water on fishing charters or from the pier and beach.