Here is a quicker starter to our program. This should help explain any questions and steps to take to be successful with this program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact iOutdoor via email at [email protected], DM us on any social platform or call us directly at 954-780-8755.

Fishing Affiliate Quick Starter:

1. FOLLOW and LIKE our social media pages Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

2. Send us a profile picture to be featured on our partner and affiliate page to [email protected].

3. Start to introduce iOutdoor in your content using @ioutdoor and #ioutdoor. Please tag us in your actual caption along with on the picture or video itself if on Instagram. If you are using YouTube, you can link our website in your description: www.ioutdoor.com

4. DM, email or call us for an agreement on % percentage you will be making off a sale.

5. Once you have agreed to a %, you will receive a unique code from iOutdoor to link in your profile, share and send to potential clients.

6. Discuss iOutdoor Fishing Charters in your content. Expose locations and destinations that you love to fish and provide your audience an excellent service to fish the same locations.

7. Go through the booking process and see where your potential client will be inputting the code in the “Apply Promo Code” section while checking out. This will help keep track of the amount of fishing trips that you have sold.

8.Receive a check in the mail when you accumulate over $50. Please make sure you are familiar with the Terms and Conditions!!

Additional Information:

1. Percentages are based off your engagement on social media along with your engagement on our platform. They are subjected to change as well with activity and sale volume.

2. Additionally, we would also love to share your content on our platform(s). Images or videos that have us tagged in them will be shared on our social media platforms for further visibility.

3. You can promote any one of the 360 trips or locations we offer.

4. Sales of trips are based off availability in location during the specific time frame.

5. There is an incentive for larger groups and longer trips. The longer the trips and the more people on the trips, increase the price of the trip, increasing your commission.

6. You can also partake in group trips or tournaments. If you get enough members for a group trip and you are not involving another member of our program, you will receive commission for all boats that your communities are on. If there is an additional iOutdoor Ambassador/Affiliate, you can divide, split, share or assign X number of boats to each of you.

7. You are more than welcome to cancel your agreement at any time!