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Imagine riding your bicycle through the everglades viewing thousands of rare and exotic birds and animals….or cruising on your tandem bike along the beautiful boardwalks of one of our many beaches. If you are a cycling enthusiast, then Florida’s back roads, beaches, highways and byways are for you! Whatever your skill level may be, iOutdoor’s has a guided cycling trip for you!

Trips range from a few hours, to a day trip or an overnight trip! What are you waiting for? Fill one of your vacation days with a cycling adventure!

Call iOutdoor’s now to initiate your Cycling plans! 1-888-412-1117

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Call 1-888-412-1117

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    Why iOutdoor?

    Our guides will take you on the most beautiful and enjoyable routes! iOutdoor’s offers guided tours along any of the local trails, the forest outbacks or through some of the more historic downtown. One of iOutdoor’s most exciting adventures includes an extended trip with an overnight stay which includes: specialty ECO tours, beach rides and destination rides. iOutdoor’s Cycling outfitters have the best, most modern and comfortable equipment for your cycling adventure! Our experts will fit a bike to your body size, height, etc. and type of cycling adventure you select. Having properly fitting equipment is imperative to an enjoyable ride.

    Beginning your Cycling adventure is simple and easy! Just fill out the form on this page or call at 1-888-412-1117 and iOutdoor’s will get back to you with the options available in your area. iOutdoor’s has more options and flexibility than any other outfitter; don’t settle for anything other than what you want! Call us now to get your Cycling adventure started!

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    My Family did a cycling trip for a nice get away from the amusement parks. What a treat! The kids loved it almost as much as my husband and I did. Thanks for making it so easy.

    – Sally Hensen, NY

    What to Bring

    Bike helmets are required by law for those under 16; however we recommend everyone wear a helmet. Helmets will be available, but you can bring your own helmet. Wear comfortable clothes that will not interfere with the chain on your bike, wear comfortable shoes suitable for an extended bike ride, sunscreen, hat, plenty of water, light snacks, camera or video recorder, a fanny/back pack to carry all items.Depending on length of trip, you may want to bring light snacks for carry in your packs.

    Pricing & Availability

    Pricing and availability are a function of region, type of Cycling adventure, number of participants, etc. iOutdoor’s will help you select a Cycling ride that is perfect for your needs and budget.

    Call us now to start creating the best Cycling adventure possible! 1-888-412-1117