Charity Events

Outdoor charity events are a fantastic way to get outdoors. Events like such help bring awareness to a variety of different causes. Here at iOutdoor, we provide exceptional full-serviced events at your desired destination.

Explore group, private, or solo trips while raising money for a great cause. You can pick your local or national cause. Our charity event coordinators can help also pick one for you.

Common causes include: Cure for Paralysis, Feeding Hungry, and Helping the Homeless are great ways to get involved in the outdoor activity of choice. You never know the impact you can make at one of these charity events.

Every year, iOutdoor and their team of local experts help out a variety of different events. Getting outdoors and tying in a great cause is a fantastic way to keep people entertained and engaged.

When it comes to us hosting an outdoor charity event, you have many options. We take care of all the major details involving your event.

We highly recommend fishing on a local lake or at a local saltwater destination for the best possible experience.

Once the venue is picked, whether saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing, you then can decide on the extras.

You can set up breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your guest. We can set up a live weigh-in. We also strategize with the guest to assist with other outdoor activities they would like to include.

You can add Eco-tours, pontoon rentals, kayak fishing, and so much more on our charity fishing events.