Lake Santa Fe Bass FishingLake Santa Fe is located in northeastern Alachua County, Florida. Endless acres of water provides for a sanctuary for trophy largemouth bass fishing. One of the many causes is the spring-fed water supply making up this 5,850-acre lake. When you travel further south you will realize that Lake Santa Fe is the headwaters of the Santa Fe River which empties into the Suwanee River. An abundance of wildlife and excellent fishing make this lake the perfect destination for the family. You can also bring your loved ones out to enjoy a wonderful day of recreational boating.

When it comes to Florida Bass Fishing, Lake Santa Fe has everything you need to have a great time. Bass Fishing is strongest during the winter and spring months here in Florida. During these times, the bass spawns the most providing you with the best opportunity to catch a trophy-sized bass. One of the other benefits of this lake is that it holds different species of bass that you can catch. While fishing Lake Santa Fe, you can also catch a Hybrid Sunshine bass which was recently stocked in the lake. Shad is the main forage on the Lake and is what the Sunshine Bass love the best. Early morning and late evenings are the best times to catch bass on Lake Santa Fe as the aggressive feeding patterns permit these low light conditions the best. Tie on a variety of different baits and more specifically top waters or minnow imitating lures and hold on for some great action.

Lake Santa Fe has an incredible amount of natural attributes and beauty. The lake was designated by the state of Florida as an outstanding Florida water storage when adding the swamp areas just north of the lake. Y