Aerojet Canal System Fishing Charters BANNER

Aerojet Canal System Fishing Charters

When you are visiting the FL Keys and want to get away from the sandy saltwater beaches, you can take a short drive and land yourself on an Aerojet Canal System Fishing Charter. You would never expect to have such an incredible freshwater fishing destination for species including Peacock Bass, Largemouth Bass, freshwater Snook, and more. Enjoy a day on the water in this low-pressure and quiet fishing destination with your family or loved ones!

Embarking on Aerojet Canal System Fishing, you can never expect what you will catch. All you can know is that this rural fishing canal holds some BIG BASS. Whether you are in search of FL Peacock Bass or Largemouth bass, the Aerojet has it all. You can also count on catching endless exotic species as well from Midas cichlids, Oscars, tilapia, and even a pacu. Saltwater species also can get caught and travel through the canal system providing you with an opportunity to catch a freshwater snook or tarpon.

The butterfly peacock is a world-renown game fish that was successfully introduced in the mid-1980s by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to eat undesirable exotic fishes, and to offer more sport-fishing for anglers in the metropolitan Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. Fallen trees, canal intersections, sharp bends, and dead ends are generally productive areas for catching most species of fish. Sport-fishes also congregate in the shade of the pump structures. Shoreline vegetation, rip-rap, and