Shark Fishing:

Shark FishingShark Fishing is a thrill of a lifetime! Sharks are everywhere in Florida- Bad for Surfers- Good for FISHING! Traveling at speeds up to 19 mph, Sharks are an intelligent and agile species. Deep-Sea, Backcountry, Estuaries, and Flats- are all great places to catch Shark. Bottom and Fly fishing are two great ways to hook into one of these lean, powerful fish! If you want to feel nature’s raw power firsthand, then Shark fishing is for you.

Shark Fishing requires special equipment and technique. iOutdoor has top-of-the-line equipment and expertise in Shark fishing that is unparalleled in Florida! iOutdoor will provide you with a Captain that is an expert on Shark Fishing call iOutdoor today and book your shark fishing trip.


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Shark Fishing Destinations: Key West | Miami

Why iOutdoor?

At iOutdoor our Captains and Crew are driven to provide you the best and most successful Shark fishing experience possible! Rest assured, your safety is of utmost importance. All of our Captains are seasoned professionals who are experienced and Coast Guard Certified. iOutdoor Captains are selected based on: 1) Fishing Success, 2) Safety at Sea. 3) Condition of Boat and Equipment. You will be provided all the necessary fishing tackle, bait and gear required to catch the trophy fish you want. A Florida fishing license will be provided to you as part of your fishing package.

iOutdoor will make your Shark Fishing adventure a safe and successful time that you will enjoy telling your friends and family about -with the pictures to prove it!

Get your Shark Fishing adventure started NOW! Simply fill out the form on this page or call 1-888-412-1117. iOutdoor friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have; including

where to stay if overnight is necessary, what fishing areas will yield the most Sharks, appropriate boat size, etc. Whatever your needs may be, iOutdoor will make it happen!

Florida shark Fishing with iOutdoor is unparalleled, everything was so smooth to book. The captain was waiting at the marina with a smile on his face, and we caught a large shark that gave us all we could handle.

– Ken Jacobson, GA

What to Bring

When you’re fishing- you’re out in the sun, wind and sometimes rain, so be prepared! Bring polarized sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, seasickness tablets and comfortable shoes with non-black no scuff soles. Rain gear and layered clothing will also help protect you from extended exposure in the outdoors.
You will need to bring a cooler of food and beverages- or have iOutdoor provide you with our wonderful catering services! Let us take care of everything- you can focus on the fishing!

Sea Sickness Policy:

Please note that if you decide to end your Shark adventure early…

you will still be required to pay the full amount. No refunds (or partial) will be given for Shark fishing adventures that come back to shore due to seasickness. Plan ahead! Helpful tips for staving off seasickness: stay hydrated, take sea sickness medicine (per instructions) prior to launch, eat something beforehand, limit alcohol consumption the day before and during your fishing adventure.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability are a function of region, type of charter, number of participants, etc. iOutdoor will help you select a charter that is perfect for your needs and budget. Call us now to start creating the Shark Fishing adventure of a lifetime! 1-888-412-1117