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In the Air & On the Ground Adventures:

How about gently floating into the clouds in nothing but a big wicker basket… Or dropping from 3,000 feet in an exhilarating free-fall, or taking a leisure ride on horseback through untapped ecosystems- AWESOME! How about renting a bicycle and taking a family cruise along the beach or nature trail in one of Florida many State Parks- FANTASTIC!

Whatever your adventure may be, whether in the air or on the ground.

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Where can you find the world’s highest jumps…The longest free falls…The most scenic trips? Skydiving Florida of course! Where can you actually have a panoramic view of the Space Coast, the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River all at the same time! A little nervous?… Read More..


Hot air balloon flights provide an unparallel breathing taking experience from high in the air that is not only unforgettable, but exciting. As you float like a fluffy white cloud across the sky, you will see all of the beautiful pristine landscapes Florida has to offer… Read more..


Imagine riding your bicycle through the everglades viewing thousands of rare and exotic birds and animals….or cruising on your tandem bike along the beautiful boardwalks of one of our many beaches. If you are a cycling enthusiast, then Florida’s back roads, beaches, highways and byways are for you!.. Read more..


Florida is host to some of the most beautiful and magnificent hiking trails in North America! Where else can one wander through so many different types of ecosystems: coastal parries, hardwood hammocks, pine forests, beaches, cypress and mangrove swamps, rivers… Read more…

Horseback Riding

A romantic ride on the beach or a ranch style cattle drive; Horseback riding in Florida has a vast range of adventures to choose from! Of course we do- the Sunshine state boasts the second largest horse population in the US! .. Read more..

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Our family horseback riding was a real treat- we got away from the Theme Parks for a day and spent time in the outdoors! Our kids loved it, and the horses were so friendly. Thanks!

– Jeanie Marston

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