Flats Boat Equipment

Do you want a flats boat? No better way to experience one than with iOutdoors fishing guide on a fishing charter. The best flats boats and equipment to use.

If interested, you’re in luck because we’ve gone provide you with the best and most completed on-the-job training there is.  Our list of captain boats includes all of our favorites and the best features of the boat manufacturers.

The money is the same here, while these boats range from pretty expensive to downright overpriced. But when choosing our fishing guides, no matter the style, make of the boat it’s all the same price.

Boats in our fleet will differ based on species and really the area fishing. A Florida Keys flats guide will specialize in sight-fishing the flats will typically use a smaller 16 or 17′ backcountry boat that can only hold 1 or maybe 2 people.

In other areas like New Smyrna, where they catch big Redfish they will use a bay boat that may be up to 22′ long and hold up to 4 people. And if your desired species of fish include tarpon, redfish, bonefish, and other any shallow-water species, you need shallow running boat-like flats.