Biscayne Bay Flats Fishing Charter

Many locations and destinations across the state of Florida are breath-taking. Miami Beach is most certainly at the top of that list. When you are traveling to Florida, make sure this incredible destination is in the top of your mind. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, night life, food and outdoor activities. Cruise the beach on a Biscayne Bay Flats Fishing Charter.

Biscayne Bay is a large part of South Florida’s ecosystem. The bay relies on water that flows directly from the Everglades through the bays watershed. This not only provides increase forage but also the ability of the bay to consistently have fresh and new water. Biscayne Bay is the largest estuary on the southeast coast of Florida. Inshore Fishing Charters in the Bay produce excellent catches for these reasons year round.

You can catch a variety of South Florida species when adventuring out with our local experts. Captain Brian Leibowitz is an absolute legend for catching quality inshore species. The most popular would be the sea trout. You can also catch shark, tarpon, snook, ladyfish and jack. If you are in the hunt for a particular species, check out all that you can catch Miami Inshore Fishing.

Joe and Bob Wallace and their friend traveling from Tampa wanted to get out in the Bay and go fishing. They wanted to tackle it with artificial baits and we got the job done. It is incredible the amount of species you can catch down here in Miami.

When fishing with artificial baits, you want to focus in on the Flats. Berkley Gulps are always the most effective method in catching fish. You can sight fish or just drift the flats. We focused in on drifting but also keep an eye out for surfacing fish. Joe, Bob and friend caught several quality sea trout. They also landed a bonnet shark which added for some excitement on this fishing charter. You never know what you will hook into on a Miami Inshore Fishing Trip.

Many ask “Can you eat sea trout and are they delicious?” Joe, Bob and their friend asked this to Captain Brian while out on the water. Sea Trout are a delicious white flaky fish that are the perfect meal after a Biscayne Bay Flats Fishing Charter. They were just hard-core anglers and loved the hunt for the fish. They had no intention of keeping any fish as they practice catch-and-release. Captain Brian kindly asked if he could keep two for his family as they love to eat sea trout.

Whether you are fishing in Miami for sport or to harvest, our fishing charters are perfect for you. Joe, Bob and friend had an amazing day on the water and are looking forward to fishing with Captain Brian again in the future. You can’t beat the endless amounts and abundance of fish you can catch down here in Miami. While researching or deciding on your vacation destination, keep Miami and its outdoor activities in mind. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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