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Alligator Hunting Florida

Alligator Hunting happens in the Pure darkness; only the light seen is from the boat that guides you slowly through the murky waters. The only sounds that hunters can hear are the frogs chirping from the grass. Something is lurking in the darkness. Suddenly, a giant splash! Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Alligator hunting!

The best gator hunting is done after dark! There are many ways to hunt these ferocious beasts, including hook and line, bow and arrow, or spear and bang stick. These hunts are up close and personal and provide a thrill to even the most enthusiastic outdoor adventurer!

Gator hunts typically involve an exciting airboat ride at night, searching the waters to locate large gators! Once found, the alligator must be tagged by harpoon or shot with a bow (equipped with a harpoon tip arrow and cable). The most exciting part of a gator hunt is once tagged; it must be harvested with a bang stick. Private hunts on private lands can be done year-round.

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hog hunt and alligator hunts

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More About The Alligator Hunt


The season to hunt alligators in Florida starts on August 15th ending on the morning of November 1st. The first four weeks are divided into four quota weeks, where each permit is assigned one week. Florida alligator hunts became established in 1988 because of the growing need for population control for the 1.3 million gators in the state.

Time of Day

Many people think of lurking in the dark nights to hunt for Florida alligators, and nighttime is often an excellent time for an alligator hunt providing an ultimate experience. However, night hunts are usually better for experienced hunters looking for that specific type of adventure. A productive alligator hunt can happen any time of day. The daytime is generally better for first-time hunters new to the sport since you can actually see what’s going on.

According to many hunters, Florida alligator hunts are just as fun, if not better, during the day. The timing of our hunts can be customized to your wants and needs. Florida is in no shortage of gator supply, so let your professional guide cater to your desires. Your guide can hunt alligators all day long, so let us know what works best for you and your party, and we will do our best to make your gator hunting dreams come true on a day and time that you choose!

Night trips

Night hunts for aggressive sly alligators can be challenging, but they always keep adrenaline levels high. Your guide will have spotlights to scan the canals or lakes for trophy gators lurking nearby. The dark waters create an eerie surge of excitement that lasts the entire trip.

Florida alligator hunting at night is usually more extreme simply because gators are generally more active at night. In addition, they have what is known as alligator eye-shine, which is caused by a layer of cells known as the tapetum lucidum situated behind the photoreceptor cells in the retina that reflects light and increases the amount of light the gators eye can detect. This eye-shine drastically improves the vision for alligators in low light conditions.


Alligators are cold-blooded animals that need external sources of heat and cold to regulate their body temperature. Generally, Florida alligators maintain their body temperature by moving to cool or warm water areas, or you may see them soaking up the sun on a clear sunny day. Florida alligators usually become most active during times when the temperatures are between 82 and 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

They typically stop eating when the temperature drops under 70 degrees Fahrenheit and will become very sluggish when it’s less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit which may happen during some cold fronts in the winter months. During these cooler times of the year, Florida alligators will likely be dormant but can be seen in dens or when they emerge to bask in the sun.

Length of Trip

Alligator hunts usually last about 3 to 4 hours, but ultimately the length of the hunt depends on where the gator hunt is taking place as well as the size and number of gator(s) you are after. Private land and public land hunts will also factor into the start time and length of your trip. Overall, your fully guided alligator hunt adventures can be customized to the type of experience you are looking for.


Your professional guide will have all the necessary equipment for a successful hunt. Florida alligators can be hunted with a rifle, harpoon, crossbow, fishing poles, snatch hooks, baited hooks, or archery which adds to the customization of your desired trip. The type of weapons available may depend on whether you are hunting on private property or public waters.

Ultimately weapon selection is up to you as the hunter; however, your guide is here to help and can provide advice or feedback to help you choose and make the most of your hunt.

Souvenirs and Complimentary Services

The Florida alligators you catch are YOURS! While on a hunt for these cold-blooded predators, you will have pictures and videos that will remind you of this adventure of a lifetime to reflect on forever. You and your family will also get to keep all the fresh alligator meat that everyone swears tastes like delicious chicken.
Your guide may transport your alligator to the processor depending on the package you select, so you don’t have to. Here you can talk to them about taxidermy services if desired.

Alligator hunting was a great time! They are a BIG ol’ Beast!

– Vinnie Smith

Why iOutdoor?

Florida alligator hunting on private land Our hunting guides are chosen for their experience, percentage of successful hunts, condition of their equipment and facilities, quality of game harvested, and safety in the field. Alligator hunting is considered a dangerous game in Florida; therefore, iOutdoor guides are the best and most qualified in the field. Most gator hunts are conducted at night and from an airboat using high-powered bang sticks. Your comfort and safety are our utmost concern.

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The Florida state record is a male alligator that measured 14 feet 3 1/2 inches from Lake Washington. The weight record in Florida is a 1043 pound alligator.
In general male alligators can get very large in Florida, while the female alligators rarely exceed 10 feet long.

How To Prepare

What to Wear

Appropriate field dress and camouflage are not required. However, wear a no-scent bug spray, a hat, a raincoat for cool evenings, gloves, good walking shoes or boots (although snake boots are not required, they are recommended), and most importantly- your camera or video recorder!
What To Bring
A Florida hunting license is not required; however, a State of Florida alligator tag is required for public waters. iOutdoor will set this up for you! The outfitter may provide refreshments depending on the package you select. You may also want to bring light snacks. Dressing your gator is not included in most packages, and transportation of the meat and hide is something to be considered in your planning and budgeting process.


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has three programs available for harvesting Florida alligators from the wild. Each program offers unique opportunities for participating in an exciting alligator hunt. Licenses are still required for processing and farming.
Statewide Alligator Harvest Program
Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program
Private Land Alligator Management Program

Alligator Trapping License

A statewide alligator hunt permit is required to participate in the Statewide Alligator Harvest Program and is a limited entry permit. The alligator trapping license and two CITES tags will be sent by mail to the successful applicants. Live alligators cannot be taken from the wild without an Alligator trapping license.

Alligator Agent License

An alligator trapping agent license is required for those on a hunting trip with a guide and can be bought online at go outdoors Florida or at stores for $51.50. The alligator trapping agent license is for persons helping trappers in any of the programs mentioned above who can become licensed as their agents. These licenses can be bought online or by calling the toll-free phone number, 1-888-HUNT-FLORIDA (1-888-486-8356), or by going to a tax collector’s office. Additional permits and tags are still required to harvest Florida alligators.

Pricing and Availability For Alligator Hunts

Pricing and availability are a function of region, type of hunt, number of participants, etc. iOutdoor will help you select a hunt that is perfect for your needs and budget.
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In making your Alligator hunting plans, you should consider that Gator tags are not required for private lands, and gators can be hunted year-round. Conversely, on public waters, Gator hunt tags are issued by the State of Florida on a limited first-come, first-served basis. So make your plans today to reserve your trip!

Experience of a Lifetime

iOutdoors provides locals and visitors with the ultimate alligator hunt experience. Additionally, we offer Hog hunts, Deer hunts, Quail hunts, Turkey hunts, and Duck hunts. The best part about Florida alligator hunting is the flexibility. In the sunshine state, hunters can enjoy a day or nighttime hunt with various types of weapons. An adventure of a lifetime is available for all ages and skill levels to create memories, build a relationship with nature, and learn life skills in a safe and exciting way.