Top 5 most popular jigs for saltwater

Top 5 most popular jigs for saltwater

Fishing using jigs will help you have better chances of landing a bigger fish as compared to using other types of bait. Jigging is done in both freshwater and saltwater alike, though it works better in areas that offer some type of obstruction.

Different anglers will surely have different preferences and favorites in terms of the jigs they choose in fishing. Also, different fish species will be attracted to different forms of jigs. Still, based on sales and usage, there really are jigs that stand out from all the rest, in terms of popularity. Whether this is because they are effective or because a lot of people are trying to fish the same fish species, it is difficult to determine but the following are the top 5 most popular jigs for saltwater.

1. Jig with a round head

The jig with a round head is quite popular because it easily sinks and moves in the direction and speed that the angler wants it to take.

2. Bucktail jig

The bucktail jig comes in different colors and shapes. What is so great about this jig is that it attracts a wide range of fish species. It is also better to use a tapered head bucktail.

3. The jig that closely resembles live bait (such as holographic live jig)

If the jig resembles live bait, there is a higher chance of tricking the fish in thinking that this is real fish or fly – effectively increasing your chances of hooking a big one.

4. Football-shaped jig

This jig is especially popular for bass fishing and was so-named because the head resembles that of a football.

5. Flipping jig

Although the flipping jig is great for seasoned anglers, many claims that this is difficult to use. Still, with technique, the jig will help you catch that elusive trophy fish.