How to Hide From a Turkey


One popular hunting pass time in the United States is wild turkey hunting. Those who love to hunt these big fowls would benefit from knowing not only the specific habits of turkeys and the best ambush sites. It would not also be amiss to know the right camouflage.

Properly camouflaging yourself in your surroundings can help you succeed in your wild turkey hunting endeavors. Turkeys have sharp eyesight comparable to an eagle’s that concealing yourself from their vision can be quite tricky. Thus, it is necessary to learn how to properly camouflage yourself for the hunt.

When going turkey hunting, it is very important to wear camouflage from head to toe, and that includes concealment of the hands and part of your face. Color is important in camouflaging; the closer the color to the hunting surroundings, the better. Hunters who usually lean on tall trees or sit on the grass should wear an earth toned camouflage pattern. Your gears, especially tour weapon of choice must also be disguised well so as not to attract the attention of your prey.

If you have no idea about the area in which you will hunt, it may be necessary for you to bring along several camouflages so that you may choose the best one that suits your hunting surrounding.

If you are not up to having several camouflage suits in your arsenal, you can go for a product called ASAT. ‘ASAT’, which stands for “All Season, All Terrain”, is a revolutionary camouflage pattern. This type of camouflage pattern can be worn in any type of season and in all terrains. It works so well that it will give hunters the ability to be invisible while hunting for large prey items. ASAT’s camouflage pattern is highly based on nature and how animals see things. It also has two main distinctive patterns – the light-shadow pattern and the open-light pattern. When these two camouflages are combined it automatically blend with its surroundings.