sharpen hooksShould you sharpen a new hook?

Compared to a greenhorn fisherman, a seasoned fisherman will spend some time sharpening fishing hooks. If a recent fisherman would ask a veteran in fishing whether or not a new hook should be sharpened, his answer would surely be yes.

Whether you are a simple beginner fisherman or an experienced angler offshore angler, your point of contact with a fish is by the hook. It is the hook that lures a fish towards you, thus, making it a critical tool in fishing. The importance of the hook, especially a sharp hook, cannot be gainsaid especially when using crankbaits and similar baits where the grip of the hook to the mouth of the fish is extremely low.

Check your Hooks

To check your new hook’s sharpness, don’t just rely on the package when it says the contents are sharp. It is worth to check its sharpness by drawing its point across your fingernail. If it doesn’t leave a mark at the gentlest draw, then it is not sharp enough and needs some sharpening.

Although new hooks are sharp, sometimes, they are not sharp enough, thus, the need to sharpen them. Sharper hooks could land more fish especially when flats fishing, fly fishing, and sailfishing. A hook, although new, when not sharp enough could lose that high-priced fish you could have caught! Thus, the need to sharpen even a new hook in preparation for a fishing expedition.

Even while fishing, you should also be conscious of the sharpness of your hook especially when you have used them after a few casts or when you’re fishing in rocky areas. Once in awhile, touch the point and hone it if it is dull, otherwise, it won’t stick into a fish’s mouth.

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