Best Bass Fishing in Florida

Are you wondering where the bass fishing capital of the world is? Have you asked, “how can I catch a trophy largemouth bass? Or “When is the best time to come bass fishing in Florida? Welcome to Florida, the bass fishing capital of the world and the only place you can catch multiple species of bass in one fishing charter.

Florida is known to have some of the BEST bass fishing in the nation. Excellent fishing conditions year-round promote exceptional action on all our major lakes and destinations. Many travel to this beautiful state and have never experienced all that Florida has to offer. When you think of Florida, the outdoors should be the first thought in your mind.

Best Bass Fishing in Florida - Lake Okeechobee

One of our goals here at iOutdoor is to provide you the knowledge to experience something new, unique, rewarding, and unforgettable. Our goal is to share exceptional outdoor experiences from local experts that have spent hours and days on the water. When you step aboard our fishing vessels, rest assure you are in great hands.

Florida has a multitude of bass species you can catch. By far, the most common is the Florida largemouth bass. In addition, many travelers to South Florida also enjoy catching the exotic peacock bass. Also, you can catch sunshine bass, spotted bass, and striped bass. When it comes to catching these species, it all depends on which location and destination you will be traveling to.

Best Time Of Year To Go Bass Fishing In Florida

When you come out on a fishing charter and adventure, enjoy catching largemouth bass and peacock bass. Those are the main targeted species here in Florida when fishing a freshwater lake. To determine which destination would be best, you have to choose the species. Anglers can catch largemouth bass in every freshwater lake, pond, or river you can find. Peacock bass can only be caught in South Florida. The furthest north they have migrated to would be the Lake Osborne Chain of Lakes in Boynton Beach, FL.

Best Time for Largemouth Bass

The best time of year to fish for largemouth bass is during their spawn. A spawn is an event of mating that occurs multiple times of year for many bass species. Each spawn will vary based on theBass fishing in Florida-Clermont Chain of lakes, Lake county temperatures and water conditions. Bass spawn at an optimal water temperature ranging from 65-75 degrees. These conditions begin to stabilize during January and February. The best time to catch largemouth bass here in Florida is from February through May, especially if your goal is to land a trophy bass. Planning your trip around moon phases may also give you a higher chance at catching a large trophy bass.

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Best Time For Peacock Bass

Florida Peacock Bass are an exotic fish species that love the sunshine here in Florida. Peacock bass spawn from April through September, also depending on water temperatures. They love to reside in hot waters, so the summer is typically the best time to catch one. Females generally are the larger fish. The males usually don’t get as large but grow a knot on top of their heads. Peacock bass are incredibly fun to catch as they are aggressive, hard-pulling, and very colorful. 

Best Time Of Day To Go Bass Fishing

Many ask us daily: “When is the best time to go fishing in Florida?” The best time to go bass fishing is dependent on fishing conditions. If the fishing conditions are warm, the best time for bass fishing is in the morning. There is nothing like early morning topwater bites, whether fishing for largemouth or peacock bass. Peacocks being tropical fish, are more likely to bite throughout the day, even during the hottest part of midday.

Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing in FlFlorida, like the rest of the United States, experiences cold fronts during the winter months. If the cold fronts drop the water temperatures significantly, then the afternoon bite will be the strongest. If you are fishing during our warm months here in Florida, the early morning hours is when the temperature is the lowest, and the bass bite is the best. Get on the water before sunrise and get to your favorite fishing spot during safelight. Yet again, peacock bass love the warm water, so when the water temperature is highest, it is typically the best time to get out there.

Orlando, FL is closely located to several exceptional largemouth bass fisheries. If you are looking for a more urban feel, the Butler Chain of Lakes is your destination. Enjoy a deep clear water chain of lakes surrounded by multimillion-dollar homes. When you adventure out on the Butler Chain, you are not only going to catch numbers of big bass but you also have the opportunity to fish behind Shaq’s and many other celebrities’ houses.

How To Choose Your Fishery

Top Florida Bass Fishing Lakes and Destinations

Bass fishing in Florida -Lake IstokpogaBass Fishing in Florida can be accessed from every corner of the state. When you are looking to go out on a Florida bass fishing charter, the primary way to choose your fishery is based on your travel location. Most of our leading lakes are within driving range of all the major destinations. Every destination will provide a unique experience for bass fishing. Here is a guide to choosing your fishery based on your travel locations:

Northern Florida

As you travel from North Florida to South Florida, you can uncover some of the most remarkable bass fishing experiences. You will never get bored while discovering what Florida has to offer. Take a pit stop in Gainesville, FL to experience the Rodman Reservoir. If you are looking for a TROPHY bass fishery that produces almost all year long, this is your destination. In Putnam County, Rodman Reservoir stretches 19 miles and contains vast areas of flooded timber and vegetation, including hydrilla, eelgrass, and lily pads, creating a top habitat for trophy fish. Several of our local experts will get you on the largemouth bass of your dreams at Rodman Reservoir.St Johns River bass fisherman

The St. Johns River, Florida’s longest river, is a top destination holding tons of aesthetic and environmental value. The St. Johns River has a lazy 310-mile long flow and is home to many different species of plants and animals. Located in the St Johns River system are several significant bass fishing lakes, including Lake Poinsett and Lake George. Lake George is the second-largest bass lake in Florida, covering 46,000 acres. Lake George is undoubtedly considered one of the great bass fishing lakes because of its thriving overall health and excellent reputation. It’s not uncommon to catch six to nine-pounders on a Lake George fishing charter.

Central Florida

Bass Fishing in Florida -lake toho

If you visit Central Florida, Orlando Florida Bass Fishing is a great option to get in the outdoors. Don’t worry; our local experts are highly professional and family-friendly. Don’t forget to bring along everyone on your fishing charter to make a truly remarkable experience.

Orlando, FL, is closely located to several exceptional largemouth bass fisheries. If you are looking for a more urban feel, the Butler Chain of Lakes is your destination. Enjoy a deep clear water chain of lakes surrounded by multimillion-dollar homes. When you adventure out on the Butler Chain, you will not only catch numbers of big bass, but you also have the opportunity to fish behind Shaq’s and many other celebrities