Air Boats: Everglades

The Everglades is one of the world’s most interesting and complex ecosystems which cover more than 730 square miles of wilderness and swamp. This area is unique in that unlike the rest of the eastern United States, it is still very much untamed and is home to quite an array of wildlife and nature. So what is the best way to wound through the Winding Mangrove creeks and Bays into the Everglades? The answer is – airboat tours.

Inclusive Packages of Airboat Tours

There are many airboat tour services provided for touring the Everglades and they all have their own, unique packages for enticing visitors. The most common package, however, is a 30-minute guided tour with narrative through the Everglades, and its fauna and flora. Throughout the tour, there will be stops wherein added trips such as trekking, platform viewing, and alligator viewing are also included. Airboat tour rides can vary from 30 minutes, one hour, to one and a half tours depending on the airboat charter. An air boat tour can even include an ending tour to a safari park located in the Everglades where nature and live alligator shows are conducted for the public.

Why Air boating?

Air boating is the fastest and safest way to reach the Everglades. Airboats are also called fan boats and can be described as very shallow-drafted flat bottom boats which are specifically designed for swamp travel. An air boat is powered by a single large fan attached to an engine mounted above the body of the boat. The air boat can travel through waters even only a few inches deep and is even capable of skidding for brief distances across sand or bare ground. Traveling in an air boat can be as fast as 35 miles per hour which gives visitors an exhilarating way of touring the Everglades.

What Can Be Seen in the Everglades?

While on an air boat tour, which can either be held during the day or at night, a guide will be on board at all times so that visitors won’t be looking around and not knowing what they see. These guides are professionals and are very much familiar with the Everglades. Guides will be pointing out the exotic array of wildlife that can be spotted on an air boat tour through the Everglades including exotic birds and alligators in their natural and undisturbed habitats.