Five Great Depth Finders

%Fishing Charters%Depth finders are among the best equipment to bring on your fishing trip. You’ll surely be able to land that big fish of your dreams, if you know how to use these gadgets. Let’s list 5 of the best depth finders available in the market.

1. Lowrance

A lot of anglers would swear by Lowrance depth and fish finders. This brand has a wide range of gadgets that offer advanced GPS systems that let you calculate your position within 10 ft; thus, it is often favored not only by serious anglers but hunters, professional pilots, and backpackers as well. What’s so great about Lowrance products is that most have a built-in feature that offer full color display screens and displays various underwater conditions like temperature. Also, some models can even store coordinates of up to 1000 different locations.

2. Humminbird

Products by Humminbird are relatively cheap yet are able to provide readings of up to 600 ft and can be used even at speeds on 70 mph. These products are easy to install, easy to figure out, easy to use, and dependable. Just remember to keep it dry and away from saltwater.

3. Garmin

Garmin depth finders are in full color with a dual beam transducer which makes it quite accurate not only for finding fish under the boat but also along the sides. It can even be easily mounted on the trolling motors – you won’t need an adaptor.

4. Norcross

Norcross offers no-frills products that will show you the depth, precisely for up to 200 ft even at 63 mph. It has shallow and deep water alarms. It is also waterproof.

5. Uniden

Uniden provides products that have a large, backlit LCD screen precisely showing depths from 2.5 ft to 199 ft. It features shallow water alarms.