Safety Precautions on the Water

When out fishing or boating in the open water, the last thing that comes to mind is emergency precautions. Some anglers and even leisure kayakers often go out into the water thinking only of the refreshing ocean breeze, catching fish and the pristine waters. However, when worse comes to worst, it is best to be prepared for water emergencies.

Safety Tips to Follow:

1.   Pay attention to the weather. No matter how small or large your boat is, it is no match for the ocean and its power especially during bad weather. Weather can change in an instant out in the open water. It is best not only to rely on weather forecasts but by also observing the sky and cloud formations

2.   Tell someone where you are going before heading out into the water. This will give you some reassurance that somebody knows where you are and where you were headed especially if it has taken you quite a long time to go back because of bad weather.  It is a superb idea to leave a manifest of your planned trip.

3.   Carry a EPIRB or the latest GPS tracking device.  It is also a must to Carry a VHF marine band radio. This will make it easier for you to contact someone especially when you are in trouble.

4.   Carry safety items. Items such as life jacket, flashlight, oars, bucket, first aid kit, rope, blanket, mirror or shiny object, garbage bags, or an extra expandable raft. These items should be with you at all times when you are headed into the water.

5.   Learn to swim. In a worst case scenario wherein you lose your boat, it is best to know how to float and swim in order to prevent drowning.

6.   Wear proper attire and carry extra attire for bad weather. The proper attire or even rain-attire will help keep you warm and dry when you are stranded in the water.

7.   Carry extra food, especially water so that you won’t get dehydrated.

So many dangers can happen when you are in the water. The ocean is an unpredictable realm. It can be pleasant one minute, and then storming the next. Be prepared in order to come out alive and ready for your next boating experience.