Experiencing an ECO tour of the Eco-Everglades completes any visitor’s trip to Florida. The Everglades makes up an important part of the ecosystem not only in Florida but the whole of United States. ECO tours are done for more than just funding and recreation, it aims to educate visitors regarding the majesty of the Everglades, its impact on nature, and what the human population can do to help restore it and the rest of the ecosystems in the world.

ECO Tour Packages


There are many charters and services in Florida that offer an ECO tour of the Everglades. An ECO-Everglades tour usually comprises of a full day event with guided tours designed to explore the four main ecosystems that make up the Everglades. These include the saw grass prairie, mangrove estuary, cypress swamps, and pine savannah.

ECO tours provide variety for visitors. Tours of the Everglades will be provided on airboat rides, relaxing boat cruise, a wildlife drive, and a nature walk. Inclusive of the package is usually a southern lunch with serving the charter or service’s specialty.

The guides are exceptional professionals with expertise in the area including renowned naturalists, doctors of ornithology, herpetologists and the like.

What to Expect


Visitors should expect to see wildlife of many different species ranging from wonderful birds to predatory alligators. Seen in their natural habitat, depending on the time of year, are Manatees, Bald Eagles, Swallow-tailed Kites, Roseate Spoonbills, Bottle-nosed dolphins, and of course, the American alligator.

Many types of visitors come to the Everglades to experience the ECO tours ranging from families on vacation, students, bird enthusiasts, and more. All of those who enter leave the Everglades with a better appreciation of the ecosystems and their place in nature.