Free Falling

Thrilling, unique and death-defying – these are the characteristics that make skydiving a popular recreational and competitive sport among adrenalin seekers. A usual skydiving activity is pumping with raw excitement beginning take-off of the aircraft until landing through parachuting, but the climax of this activity is free falling.


Between jumping off a plain and opening a chute, a skydiver gets to savor a minute of freefalling. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to defy death while freefalling around 13,000 feet to the ground.

Although freefalling, under normal circumstances, lasts only about a minute or even less, for a skydiver, especially for first-timers, it could seem like the longest time of their lives. A skydiver plummeting towards the earth would love the experience of defying the science of flight and be able to transcend human limitations. Add to that a bird’s eye view of the sceneries below thousands of feet up above the sky – definitely an activity worth trying!

Once you freefall for a half a mile before opening your chute, the world just seems to stop. As soon as you’re adrift on air, you forget about your nervousness and begin to be more aware of yourself. As the air strongly presses against your body, you will feel an unfathomable sense of freedom and elation that will make you feel more alive during those few precious moments. You might even scream out as loud as you can, as most people do, to relieve the feeling of ecstasy building up within your lungs. What’s more amazing is that although you know that you are plummeting to the ground, you will never feel a falling awareness – just an unexplainable nerve-tingling sensation.

Should you want to try something new like freefalling, then skydiving is the perfect activity for you. For people considering doing this for the first time, the best way to be introduced to this sport is tandem in freefall, where you get to freefall with a professional skydiver. Once you have mastered skydiving and earned a license, you could then try performing freefall maneuvers like back flips, front flips, rolls and turns; or even jump with a group to try formation skydiving.

Skydiving, especially during the short interval of freefalling, is indescribable, and everyone should get the chance to experience it at least once in his or life. In fact, some people even consider freefalling as the most freeing experience they have ever experienced in their lives. When you’ll soon be looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience, be certain to put skydiving at the top of your list. Live with risk sometimes because saying “no” is just for your chickens!