It’s a Party!

Fishing does not have to be an expensive affair. Although procurement of the fishing gear itself is already expensive, there are options not to add to these expenses by securing passage on a party boat. A party boat is an economical option for fishing because instead of paying to rent an entire boat, a party boat only charges a fee per passenger and takes them to different fishing spots in the coast. When on a party boat, expect to be fishing with a lot of anglers. In this scenario, etiquette is of the utmost importance.

Basic Party Boat Rules

Perhaps the most basic and most important rule in party boat fishing is to obey the crew and captain because they only see to the safety and interest of the passengers. Passengers should also be aware of the people around them especially when the time comes for casting. Another rule is to be mindful of local species and local laws and never try to break them. This can cause both the angler and the captain to be fined. Put on the right manners before stepping on to the boat such as patience, kindness, and courtesy. There will be many other anglers on board, all vying to fish. To maintain peace, it is best to exercise these v