Fly Fishing for Tarpon

Tarpons pose as a great challenger for fly fishers for many reasons. They are huge, no wonder they are called Silver Kings. Tarpon are also capable of jumping up to 6 feet in the air and their mouths are solid bone. Fly fishers often find it hard to land one over 100 pounds.

Fly Fishing for Tarpon

Fly Fishing Tips

The best time to fish for Tarpon in Florida is sometime around January, February and March. The next best thing to do to increase the likelihood of catching a Tarpon is to hire the right guide. There are many factors that work against fishermen when it comes to fishing for this fish. Hiring a guide will beat these factors. Another great tip when it comes to fly fishing for Tarpon is in using the right fly. Aside from using the right fly, it is also important to note other factors such as the tide, the current, the time of day, fly pattern, temperament of the fish, the Line Leader combination used, and the presentation of the fly.

Recommended Tarpon Flies and Gears

Fishermen usually have their own preferences when it comes to choosing the right fly. The most commonly used flies for tarpon fishing include the cockroach, the baby bunker and the whistler. Presentation of these flies is absolutely important. Tarpon can be easily spooked and can even flee even with a well-presented fly.

As for fishing gear, different gears should be used depending on the size of the Tarpon anglers want to catch. For normal-sized Tarpon, a 10 weight with floating, clear floating, and additional “clear sink tip” line is necessary. For catching big Tarpon, 11 weight with floating, clear floating and additional clear sink tip is best. A 12 weight can also be an option especially on windy days together with an intermediate line to cut through the wind.

The type of leaders and leader materials used should also be considered as it can have great bearing to the success of fly fishing a Tarpon. So, with the right gear and the right guide, fly fishing can prove to be a successful event for Tarpon enthusiasts, for both novice and angling experts.